Top 10 Unique and Unusual Baths (Bathtubs & Whirlpool Tubs)

I have often been told that I throw everything but the bathroom sinks into this blog and I think for once maybe people are right. Recently I have been shopping online at Bath & Shower for some brand new bathroom furniture to go with my shiny new bathroom sink. But the problem is that once you start looking around online you soon realize how plain and boring your own stuff is…

Top 10 Unique and Unusual Baths

Top 10 Unique and Unusual Baths
Bathtub made to look like a shoe

10 – High Heel Shoe

While it doesn’t look even half as tasty as the ones in my post “Top 10 Edible High Heel Shoes” it does have a certain style of class to it, and a shape that I am sure many women (and some men) out there would love to bathe in.

Top 10 Unique and Unusual Baths
Yin Yang Bathtub

9 – It takes 2 baby!

The idea of having a bath with a loved one is often just a dream because in reality must of our bathtub’s means someone is going to have to have the taps digging into their backs. So why not get a bathtub that has 2 separate parts so you can both stretch out and enjoy it! This way there is no wandering hands while looking for the soap as well.

Top 10 Unique and Unusual Baths
Shower Bath

8 – Best of Both

To me having a shower bath is running the shower with the plug-in, but this is on a whole different league! I don’t know if that sea view is real, but who cares when you could be led in this tub, with a glass if wine in one hand while your mobile is far out of reach. Ahh, I can feel my body starting to relax already.

Top 10 Unique and Unusual Baths
Glass Bathtub

7 – Glass

If you are after a clean and very modern looking bathtub a glass one is a way to go. This one with a tilt up back rest and TV built into the wall would make me very wrinkly as I would have been in this for hours on end!

Top 10 Unique and Unusual Baths
Carbon Fiber Bathtub

6 – Carbon Fibre

There is just something about carbon fibre that makes everything look amazing. You could make anything out of the stuff and it would look cool, and none more so that this stunning bathtub. I don’t know if I want to bathe in it or put it on display in the living room!

Top 10 Unique and Unusual Baths
Space Saving Bathtub

5 – Space Saving

If like me you have hardly any room for bathroom furniture and a single towel in the bathroom this might be the answer for both of us. Simple design indeed, but one that could revitalise the bathroom furniture area. Very creative indeed.

Top 10 Unique and Unusual Baths
Bathtub Surrounded by Aquariums

4 – Aquariums

Tonight you not only sleep with the fishes on the bed seen in my post “Top 10 Unusual Aquariums Inside furniture” but now you can also bath with them as well. I think this would be a bit surreal and also rather relaxing, but feeling both at the same time would be weird.

Top 10 Unique and Unusual Baths
Bathtub made from wood

3 – Wood

Looking much like the perfect bathtub to watch the new Noah film in this solid wooden bathtub located in the bedroom rather than the bathroom is dare I say, rather sexy looking! Well, I thought so anyway, but it would look good anywhere, bathroom or not.

Top 10 Unique and Unusual Baths
Bathtub made to look like a Hammock

2 – Hammock

Nothing says relaxing like a hammock and this bathtub made with a single moulded sheet of carbon fibre is one of the best modern looking tubs I have seen. I am not so sure it would take my weight in it, and I am sure my little boy would splash far too much water out of it. But I do love the fresh and clean design of it.

Top 10 Unique and Unusual Baths
Bathtub made from Quartz

1 –  Quartz

OK, so it probably costs more than a small family car and weighs much the same as well, but a bathtub made from a single chunk of Quartz looks simply amazing. Not the idea bathtub for a semi-detached house, but I still love it!