Top 10 Unusual and Amazing Things People do With Sugar

Top 10 Unusual and Amazing Things People do With Sugar
Top 10 Unusual and Amazing Things People do With Sugar

Well, we all know that we eat too much sugar in our diets, but most of us can’t quite give it up. However, most of these pictures below are sooooooo beautiful, it would be sacrilege to even lick your lips! Most of the links lead to amazing photo galleries, and a lot of the artists actually teach…so keep your beady eyes open in case they come to a town near you. It was really hard choosing just 10, but along the way I found out some incredible things – for example, when you watch your favourite hero/heroine diving through glass windows or having bottles smashed around them in films – it’s all made of sugar glass….who knew? But I am glad to know that it’s safer than it looks…


Top 10 Unusual and Amazing Things People do With Sugar


Sculptures made from sugar cubes
Sculptures made from sugar cubes

10 – Art

This amazing sculpture of Downing St (number 10) is made with nothing more that sugar cubes, in fact, the artist a Mr  Brendan Jamison makes lots of things with sugar cubes, so why now click on the link and take a look at all the other things he has made as well.

Green House Made From Sugar
Green House Made From Sugar

9 – House

This rather colourful greenhouse it  made from 162 panels of sugar glass sandwiched between regular glass! So while you can’t eat the whole building, you could lick it at least!

3D Printout Made With Sugar
3D Printout Made With Sugar

8 – Print Out

While most of us are still trying to get our heads around the concept of 3D printing, the clever folk at the Sugar Lab have already taken it a step further by making 3D printed food art! I have a serious case of gadget envy.

Tiananmen sugar sculptures
Tiananmen sugar sculptures

7 – Blown Art

The art of blowing sugar goes back hundreds of centuries in China, and street artists still practise today and they are known as tang ren, “sugar people”. It’s truly amazing to watch.

Sugar Blown Art
Sugar Blown Art

6 – Blowing sugar

Much like the previous one, this blown sugar art just had to be included. This work in progress takes ages and just for the look on the guys’ faces you see how hard it is.

Tiananmen sugar sculpture
Tiananmen sugar sculpture

5 – Two lions playing ball

Most subjects in Chinese sugar art are based around good fortune, animals and folk tales, while there is is the same as number 7 the style of this level of sculpture is worthy of a 2nd place. From the basic versions of number 7 to the more finished work of art here.

Glasses made with Sugar
Glasses made with Sugar

4 – Sugar Glass

If somebody told you that these amazing glasses were made in Ancient Rome, you might well believe them, but these very delicate glasses are in fact made from sugar.

Castle made from sugar cubes
Castle made from sugar cubes

3 – Art…again.

Once again from the very talented artist Brendan Jamison is this amazing castle made from sugar cubes! It seems this man can build just about anything with our tasty cubes.

Blown Sugar Art
Blown Sugar Art

2 – Stephane Klein

Most of his site is in French, and apparently there’s a whole sugar festival in France every year in November. And one of those amazing artists is Stephane Klein who made this!

Drinking Glasses Made From Sugar
Drinking Glasses Made From Sugar

1 – Yuka Otani Sweet Vessels ‘12

Well, here’s cheers to talent and creativity, raise your glasses, please! If you want to learn how to spin sugar and make caramel swirls and baskets at home, they are simple how-to and lots of other resources on the net, just take care because sugar gets incredibly hot, but it is great fun.


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