Top 10 Nerdy Xbox Fanboy Cats

Have you played Halo till your fingers got sore, come first in every race in Forza and unlocked loads of achievements using a Kinect? Well, these cats are not impressed because they have done it all and have been with Microsoft since the days of the Xbox 1. They are the Xbox Fanboy cats…



Top 10 Nerdy Xbox Fanboy Cats
Cat Playing Xbox 360

10 – 360

This is Cheddarbob and he’s so in tune with Xbox’s that he can smell if a console will get the red ring of death! This is a no-sell because he smells a rat.

Cat Playing Xbox 360

9 – 360

Fuzz Lightyear here has 99% compleat in GTA 5 but just can’t seem to get that last 1%.

Cat Playing Xbox

8 – Xbox

Sir Purrs A Lot has just woken up after a serious retro gamerthon. who’s going to be the one to tell him that it doesn’t count towards his gamerscore?

Cat Playing Xbox 360

7 – 360

Online they call him Thumbs Hemingway, but in the real world, he is just called puss.

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Cat Playing Xbox 360

6 – 360

Do not disturb Trinity Sweetypaws because she is about to come first in a 24hr Forza race!

Cat Playing Xbox 360

5 – 360

This cats Gamertag is “Rumblemuffin” and he has more kill shots than a trained army dog with a sniper rifle.

Cat Playing Xbox One

4 – One

This is Morpholomew and he has been on Xbox live since it began, but plays for the love of it, not the gamerscore.

Cat Playing Xbox 360

3 – 360

Chicklet Little here isn’t allowed to play the shooting games, so it’s a good job he is more into the racing ones.

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Cat Playing Xbox 360

2 – 360

Just try taking Catfish Bob’s Xbox controller away from him and you will never be playing videogames for the rest of your life. Well, not until the scratches heal at least.

Cat Playing Xbox 360

1 – 360

Captain Pancake here is a Halo Master Chief and has unlocked every achievement in every game.

Author: Gus Barge

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