Top 10 Cats in Super Mario Costumes

It is not only Nintendo fanboys who like Super Mario, but cats also love it as well! We have already seen loads of different animals dressed as Super Mario and now it is time for the feline Mushroom Kingdom fans to rejoice because this post is all about you Mario loving cats…



Top 10 Cats in Super Mario Costumes
Cat in a Super Mario Cap

10 – Super Catio

This cat is not happy because he wanted to be Bowser, but all they could find for him is a little Super Mario hat. Shame really, but sometimes you have to make lemonade when life gives you lemons!

Cat in a Super Mario Cap

9 – Baseball Capio?!?

I don’t know where this cat (or its owner) got hold of a Super Mario Baseball cap, but I think it looks amazing and definitely has feelings of cat-cap envy.

Cat in a Super Mario Cap

8 – Baby Mario

This is More Super Mario Cat, the early years. But even in the eyes of this young kitten can you see the fun ahead in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Cat in a Super Mario Cap

7 – Big Cap Mario

Now that is one tiny cat or one big Super Mario cap! Either way, it made me smile so is well worth including in this list.

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Cat in a Super Mario Cap

6 – Need a bigger Hatio

I think this is one of the very first cats seen in a Super Mario cap, and you can even buy your own cat one from Etsy!

Cat in a Super Mario Cap

5 –Super Cap Cat

Big caps and big levels are what this cat is all about. Well, dreaming of them anyway, after all, he is not the real super Mario and all that jumping about is enough to make any cat tired!

Cat With Cardboard Artwork of Super Mario

4 – Catio Galaxy

For those of you who loved the post “Top 10 Best Images of Cardboard cat art, moustache” you might well remember that I made this image my number 1. While very good indeed it is nothing more than a cheap costume no matter how good the cardboard artwork is.

Cat in a Super Mario Cap

3 – Super Kittio

Sure the Super Mario cap is cool, but it is the moustache that really makes this cat a true Nintendo fanboy. Princess Peach would fall in love with this kitty.

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Cat With Cardboard Artwork of Super Mario

2 – 2D Only

This is not the happy face of Super Mario we all know and love. Maybe it is a new, meaner Mario who is sick and tired of always getting his girlfriend kidnapped.

Cat in a Super Mario Costume

1 – Super Mario Himself

While everyone loves their own personal character from the Super Mario universe there is no denying that Super Mario will always be the real star of the game.

Author: Gus Barge

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