Top 10 Nerdy Sony PlayStation Cats

We’re back once again with some video gaming cats. But this time the cutesy, soft Super Mario games are off the menu, these cats love games like Call of Duty, Gran Turismo and of course Crash Bandicoot. They are Sony fanboy cats through and this is a small look into their nerdy world…



Top 10 Nerdy Sony PlayStation Cats
Cat Playing With PS2

10 – Waddles

This kitty is in the zone! He’s racked up a 20 combo kill shot and is not going down without a fight.

Cat Playing With PS3

9 – Meatball

So what if Meatball here has a few health problems. Serious gamers don’t care about silly things like health and fitness!

Cat Playing With PS4

8 – Jaspurr

This kitty is a bit of a sore loser and likes to blame his controller for bad gameplay. He is now inspecting it for dust so he can tell people that are why he lost the flag in COD.

Cat Playing With PS4

7 – Chairman Meow

He has been playing Final Fantasy all night and has fallen asleep on the sofa! Let us hope he has saved his game before dozing off.

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Cat Playing With PSP

6 – Cheeto Bandito

Some cats simply can’t afford a newPS4 so they settle for a PSP instead and a load of cheap UMD movies.

Cat Playing With PS4

5 – Bunnykins

He might have a silly name, but he has almost finished Batman: Arkham City and got all the hidden secrets!

Cat Playing With PS4

4 – Ms Demeanor

She was so excited about getting a PS4 for Christmas that she hasn’t stopped licking it since. Sadly this has made the edges of the console quite sharp and bumpy.

Cat Playing With PS2

3 – Catmando

This kitty is a Metal Gear Solid fan since the early days and insists on taking up to 4 hrs to compleat each level in full stealth mode.

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Cat Playing With PS2

2 – Razzmatazz

Ratchet and Clank are this kitties game of choice. He wanted COD but couldn’t afford it, and even had to settle for a cheap 3rd party controller.

Cat Playing With PS3

1 – Mr Meowgi

He is deep in a tournament battle on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and nothing is going to disturb him, and god help them if they do.

Author: Gus Barge

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