Ten Puzzle Solving Cats Who Love Playing With Rubiks Cubes

Cats are such playful and curious creatures, and with such a great range of cats toys out there on the market, it is hard to know what one your cat might like! Do you get a mouse on a rope, red dot pointer chaser or maybe the wiggly thing on a stick! But it seems we might all be underestimating our pets intelligence as they are quite happy with a Rubix Cube! No serious, they love playing with them…


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Cat Playing With Rubiks Cube
Cat Playing With Rubiks Cube

10 – “I did try to do it but lost interest after..uumm…about 2 seconds!”

FACT:  Ernö Rubik invented the Cube in the spring of 1974 in his hometown of Budapest, Hungary. He wanted a working model to help explain three-dimensional geometry and ended up creating the world’s best-selling toy.

Cat Playing With Rubiks Cube

9 – “I’m not sure if my owner is testing me, or he just wants to get onto lolcats.com”

FACT: Rubik’s inspiration for the Cube’s internal mechanism came from pebbles in the River Danube whose edges had been smoothed away.

Cat Playing With Rubiks Cube

8 – “Kitten or not, I will have this done in under a minute for a full fish supper!

FACT: Rubik called his invention the ‘Magic Cube’. It was renamed the Rubik’s Cube by the Ideal Toy Corporation in 1980.

Cat Playing With Rubiks Cube

7 – “And now the dog owes me 10 big ones! He bet the wrong cat this time”

FACT: More than 300 million Rubik’s Cubes have been sold worldwide. If all the cubes were placed on top of each other it would be enough to reach the North Pole from the South Pole!

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Cat Playing With Rubiks Cube

6 – “No more test, puzzles or quizzes, just hand over the treats and no-one gets hurt!”

FACT: At the height of the Rubik’s craze in the mid-1980s, it was estimated that one-fifth of the world’s population had played the Cube.

Cat Playing With Rubiks Cube

5 – “When I told you it was just a matter of using your head this is NOT what I meant!”

FACT: ‘Cubing’ still infects people of all ages. ‘Cubaholics’ are said to suffer from ‘Rubik’s wrist’ and ‘Cubist’s thumb’!

Cat Playing With Rubiks Cube

4 – “When I asked you to make it a little easier for me to do, this was going too far!”

FACT: Rubik’s Cube has featured in hundreds of books, magazines, movies and even had its own TV series on ABC in America. Millions of web pages, blogs and YouTube videos are now dedicated to cubing.

Cat Playing With Rubiks Cube

3 – “Are you winding me up?! No-one can do that big thing, not even me!”

FACT: The Cube has inspired everything from fashion, architecture and music to films, plays and political speeches. There is also a dedicated art movement known as ‘Rubikubism’.

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Cat Playing With Rubiks Cube

2 – “I told you I could do it, now shut up and hand over the kitty treats!”

FACT: There are edible cubes, jewel-encrusted Cubes and even MP3 playing cubes! The biggest Cube in the world, on display in Knoxville, Tennessee, is 3 metres tall and weighs over 500kg.

Cat Playing With Rubiks Cube

1 –  “I don’t get it! How did the dog do this?!?”

FACT: National and international ‘speedcubing’ championships have been held regularly since 2003. The World Cube Association now runs competitions where players have to solve the Cube one-handed, as well as having to solve the Cube using only your feet. There is even a competition where players have to solve the Cube as quickly as possible blindfolded!

Author: Gus Barge

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