Top 10 Crazy & Unusual Footbridges

Footbridges are a type of bridge that is only used by us humans (and the occasional dog). While most are boring to look at (but still practical) there is a select few that are simply incredible…



Top 10 Crazy & Unusual Footbridges
The Capilano Suspension Bridge

10 – British Columbia, Canada

Made in 1889 the Capilano Suspension Bridge stretches an incredible 450 feet across the Capilano River. While there are 6 more bridges in this same area, this is by far the most impressive.

Top 10 Crazy & Unusual Footbridges
The Web Bridge

9 – Melbourne, Australia

I was hoping this bridge was designed by someone called Mr S.Man but apparently, the artist name was Robert Owen. He doesn’t sound like a web-slinger.

Top 10 Crazy & Unusual Footbridges
The Monkey Bridge

8 – Tatton Park, UK

This really is a footbridge that is supported by nothing but the 3 balloons you see. While it is just for art purposes and has since been removed, it was definitely one crazy bridge!

Top 10 Crazy & Unusual Footbridges
The Helix Bridge

7 – Marina Center, Singapore

It is probably one of the most aesthetically pleasing footbridges in the World. With a twisting, helix design and blue LED’s on every join of the structure it looks amazing day and night.

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Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Yorkshire Sculpture Park

6 – Yorkshire, UK

This bridge is always making people laugh because they take the time to read the sides of it!

Top 10 Crazy & Unusual Footbridges
Trampoline Bridge

5 – Paris, France

I’ve read blog posts and status updates all saying how much fun it was to cross (bounce) the river Seine in Paris. But strangely they were all lies because this bridge was only a concept and was never made.

La Roche-sur-Yon Train Station Bridge
La Roche-sur-Yon Train Station Bridge

4 – La Roche-sur-Yon, France

This footbridge going across the La Roche-sur-Yon train track, it was designed by Bernard Tschumi Architects. Opened in 2008 it is still one of the most innovative bridge designs in the world.

Top 10 Crazy & Unusual Footbridges
Drayton Bassett Bridge

3 – Birmingham, UK

Here in the UK there are castles in just about every corner of the island. But even I have never seen one that goes across the water before!

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Top 10 Crazy & Unusual Footbridges
The Rolling Bridge

2 – London, UK

Make by Heatherwick Studio is a 39-foot footbridge built in 2004 to act as a walkway over a small section of London’s Grand Union Canal. Thanks to a powerful hydraulic system the bridge can curl up an octagon allowing boats to cruise through the canal beside it.

Top 10 Crazy & Unusual Footbridges
Shiniuzhai National Geological Park Bridge

1 – Pingjiang, China

Walking on a bridge that sits 1000ft above the ground is a scary prospect for some people. Now imagine that same bridge with the walk planks being made of glass! Try not to look down while crossing!

Author: Gus Barge

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