Top Ten Best Ways to Entertain Yourself Online in 2021

Top Ten Best Ways to Entertain Yourself Online in 2021

When it comes to searching for entertainment, there are few better places to look than the internet, which has revolutionized the way people consume entertainment in every form.

This breadth of choice can be overwhelming, though, and leave you unable to make a decision over which form of entertainment you want to consume.

To help you with your choice, here are the top ten best ways to entertain yourself online in 2021:

Online games can be a lot of fun

A great place to start if you’re looking for entertainment is online gaming. This industry has exploded in recent years, with different games taking it in turns to go viral and become incredibly popular. In fact, such is the popularity of online gaming that it has generated many mainstream celebrities, such as KSI.

Another related part of online gaming that has seen a rise in popularity is online casino games. These allow you to play a number of gambling games on your phone or desktop but only play with an amount you’re prepared to lose.

Streaming platforms offer hundreds of different films and TV shows

Of course, one of the best forms of entertainment online is found through streaming platforms. These websites, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, offer members a huge range of different movies and television shows that suit every taste.

While you’ve likely already consumed movies on a streaming service, perhaps it is time to get out of your comfort zone by trying a new genre or watching an old movie you’ve never understood the references of.

Teach yourself a new language

Teach yourself a new language

You could also teach yourself a new language online, which can be deeply rewarding if you stick with it.

While this option is not for everyone, the various learning tools available online make this a tempting option. Becoming bilingual has never been simpler.

Complete an online degree

Continuing with the education theme, if you’re looking for a more rewarding form of entertainment, you could enrol in an online degree or course. It isn’t for the faint of heart and will demand a lot of work, but the results could be life-changing.

Watch your favourite YouTubers

Watch your favourite YouTubers

YouTube has created a whole generation of content creators, effectively replacing conventional television as the primary source of entertainment for millennials and generation Z.

This is no surprise because YouTube can be brilliantly entertaining. From how-to videos to talk shows and vloggers, you will never be short of content to watch on YouTube.

Build a social media following

Social media is a great form of entertainment online, especially if you enjoy interacting with lots of people. While you will likely already have a social media account, you could consider building a dedicated social media following.

Perhaps start sharing pictures of your favourite food on Instagram, or share your thoughts on Twitter. If you have a passion, sharing it on social media can be very entertaining.

Start a blog

Start a blog

Similar to a social media following, starting a blog could be richly rewarding if you have a burning interest or specific knowledge that you are desperate to share.

Blogs can also be a great business opportunity, especially if you have built a company around it.

Explore new hobbies

The internet is a vast fountain of knowledge, so if you fancy starting a new hobby, searching the web could be a good place to start. There will certainly be a number of how-to blog posts and videos to consume, which could be the foundation of your new hobby.

Listen to music

Of course, an easy way to entertain yourself has to be listening to music. Whether you’re watching music videos on YouTube or streaming a variety of different artists on music streaming sites like Spotify, there is no shortage of places to find new music online.

Find new places on Google Earth

Find new places on Google Earth

If you’re really stuck for entertainment online, you could always hop onto Google Earth and plan your next holiday or road trip using its Street Mode capability.

There are even dedicated sites that randomize Google Earth locations and make you guess where you are. It is a great way to improve your geography skills, discover new locations and help you pass the time online.

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