Ten Funny Examples of Remarketing That Would Make Any Marketer Laugh

Being a digital marketer as a job I often have to tell people when it is time for them to remarket themselves. When certain brands or products are not shifting off the shelves of the warehouse it is often my job to make them do just that. But you don’t need a massive remarketing budget to make it work, often some of the simplest of ideas work perfectly well…


Top 10 Funny Examples of Remarketing
Sprouts Remarketed as Balls of Death

10 – Bit Harsh

The story behind this is that the stall sellers mother in law would eat these at Christmas and they would always make her flatulent, therefore stinking the whole house out. Rumour stays that the stall seller sold out of them that day and still calls them that now.

Top 10 Funny Examples of Remarketing
Bananas Remarketed as Curved Yellow Fruit

9 – Boomerang Fruit

Surely most people are going to see these brand new curved yellow fruit and instantly think it is a banana. Well, they might look like them, and indeed taste like them, but they are a brand new product I swear! Well, a funny remarketed one at the very least.

Top 10 Funny Examples of Remarketing
Funny Drinks sold as flu shots

8 – Got Flu?

To some people, this might be seen as offensive. But I would like to think that most fun-loving Irish people would smile at this anyway. Re-marketing those tiny little bottles of drink as Flu-Shots is pure marketing genius.

Top 10 Funny Examples of Remarketing
Condoms Remarketed as a Picnic Supplies

7 – Pink Nics

Maybe I had a terrible upbringing, because even now that I am a fully grown adult a picnic was nothing more than eating maybe on the side of the river. None of this rude style “Supplies” was needed. But it is a great remarketing ply for sure.

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Top 10 Funny Examples of Remarketing
Butter Remarketed

6 – Butter Laughs

Land of lakes is quite a well-known brand in certain parts of America, but after a quick name change from “Land of Lakes Butter” – to the much funnier “LOL Butter” they saw a massive rise in sales. Well, it certainly made me laugh, just not out loud.

Top 10 Funny Examples of Remarketing
Watches Remarketed as a Time Bracelets

5 – Too much time on your hands

Are those watches simply not selling? Well, don’t worry. Just do what this shop did and call them time bracelets! Suddenly they are not simple timepieces, they are time travel pieces!

Top 10 Funny Examples of Remarketing
Reality Rebranding

4 – Art

This is in fact art created by Viktor Hertz. This Swedish artist takes the most recognisable logos and turns them into something a little more honest and often brutal. This is not a good example of remarketing, but often funny none the less.

Top 10 Funny Examples of Remarketing
Coat Hangers Remarketed as Invisibility Cloaks

3 – See through your sales tactics

Coat hangers are not the most rock and roll thing you will ever sell. But that doesn’t mean you can make it fun as this store proves. It is all a matter of being creative with your marketing and wording.

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Top 10 Funny Examples of Remarketing
Re-marketing everyday items

2 – The Job Lot

Those crazy people over at Pleated-Jeans.com have decided to rename and remarket loads of common household items that we all take for granted. Some of them are silly, some are hysterical and some actually seem to work.

Top 10 Funny Examples of Remarketing
Carrots Remarketed as Snowman Noses

1 – How to Remarket Carrots

With winter coming on us all thick and fast it is time to think about some seasonal style products. Because often shops say products are a raincoat in the summer/spring and a winter warm coat in the winter and autumn. Take a look around the shops next time and see the slight changes they make as I am sure it will make you smile.

Author: Gus Barge

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