Ten Rather Sad Looking Christmas Trees That Don’t Have Any Festive Cheer

Maybe it is because these people are poor, or maybe they didn’t want to put up a Christmas tree so put up a rubbish one instead. These are the Christmas trees little kids have nightmares about, and the rest of us feel sorry for their owners. So let’s try and at least crack a smile or two as we look at…



Top 10 Rather Sad Looking Christmas Trees
Pathetic Looking Christmas Tree

10 – The Chuck On

I would say these Christmas tree decorations were put on by a blind man,  but I have a funny feeling that a blind man would have done a much better job.  This is the classic chucked on / Bah Humbug effect in full force.

Pathetic Looking Christmas Tree

9 – Pick Me!

If I told my little boy to go and pick real Christmas tree out from all of them at the market this is probably what he would come back with.  He is such a sucker for a hard luck case and it seems so is the owner of this festive sadness.

Pathetic Looking Christmas Tree

8 – Design Skill Zero

I’m not saying that when I and my little boy put the decorations on the Christmas tree that it is a work of art and should belong in a gallery,  but I sure as heck know we could do a lot better job than the monkeys who decorated this!

Pathetic Looking Christmas Tree

7 – Award Winning

The Christmas Tree on the left was voted the worst Christmas tree in the UK and was put up by Herne Bay’s council. So they got in a mood and replaced it, with the one on the right! Talk about going from bad to worse.

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Pathetic Looking Christmas Tree

6 – Same Old Story

Much like out previous Christmas tree the one on the left was put up by Hyde Council with a total of 4 decorations, but after the Facebook page ‘The Embarrassment of Mottram Christmas Tree’ was put up local people came out to decorate it to the point we see in the right image. Bless them, it was a good effort indeed, but shame on the council for putting it up in the first place.

Pathetic Looking Christmas Tree

5 – Printable

I’m sure one day in the not too distant future you really will be able to print out your very own 3D Christmas tree.  That day has not come yet but it doesn’t seem to have stopped this person who I am sure wanted a real one but had to settle for a print out of one instead.

Pathetic Looking Christmas Tree

4 – Bare Facts

Here is the fact that one year I sadly learnt the hard way.  If you buy a real Christmas tree you need to look after I give it water take care of it which sadly I didn’t. There were pine needles everywhere! In fact, there was so many I was still picking them up the next year! So make sure that tree gets some water otherwise this will happen to you.

Pathetic Looking Christmas Tree

3 – Straight Up

This is confusing me. Is it a pole with some tinsel wrapped around it, or an unfolded Christmas tree? Whatever it is it makes for a rather sad looking Christmas tree. Not much point hiding the presents under this one!

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Pathetic Looking Christmas Tree

2 – Little League

You know you are in trouble when your Christmas tree can only handle one bauble. In fact, it is making me a little depressed just looking at it! Or maybe it is in the home of a minimalist.

Pathetic Looking Christmas Tree

1 – Wrap Fresh

I’m not gonna lie, if I was told my Christmas present was underneath the Christmas tree I would be expecting a little bit more than a Christmas tree car freshener.  My only hope is that this is some kind of a prank rather than the only thing this person can afford.  Going by the presence on the floor the former seems to be the case.

Author: Gus Barge

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