Game of Thrones: 10 Ways The Final Season Destroyed The Show

Game of Thrones: 10 Ways The Final Season Destroyed The Show

The fact that Game of Thrones went down as one of the greatest TV shows of all time cannot be disputed. The show was a masterpiece whose likes will take decades to recreate. The problem with a show that big is that no one is ever satisfied with its end, however sweet you try to make it. However, with Game of Thrones, the fans were more than justified to disagree with the creators about the final season. There were many stories to wrap up and too short a time to fit them into, and the result was a mess that most fans were angry at. Here is a look at the main instances where the final season destroyed Game of Thrones.

Writing Off The Dothraki

The Dothraki were one of the most important parts of the show. Khal Drogo was Daenerys’ stepping stone to greatness, and it was from among the Dothraki that she got the name the Mother of Dragons. However, after Drogo’s death, the show reduced the great tribe to just a bunch of extras on horses.

Most of them were allegedly killed in the Battle of Winterfell although the show still revived them in the battle of King’s Landing in their numbers with no explanation to where they came from. Then when all the battles were over and Daenerys was dead, the show just wrote them off. There is no explanation for what happened to them. They couldn’t have followed Greyworm because they had nothing to do on the Island of Nath.

The Mass Failure Of Qyburn’s Scorpions

Euron Greyjoy used only one of Qyburn’s scorpions to take down Rhaegal from the Skies. It was sad to watch Daenerys lose her sky-power but it happened. Cersei realized that the piece of engineering could work against the remaining dragon but at it turned out, the creators were more interested in a quick end than giving any credit to the genius. All of the scorpions failed despite the fact that Cersei had multiplied their numbers to the hundreds or thousands, both in the sea and on the land. None of the arrows even came close to hitting their target. Most of the soldiers on the Ramparts seemed paralyzed as they didn’t launch even a single shot from their scorpions. So, what disease came over Qyburn’s Scorpions.

Game of Thrones: 10 Ways The Final Season Destroyed The Show

The Melting Of The Golden Company

The Golden Company is an important part of George R.R Martin’s book series as it was formed by knights of Westeros. It was also Cersei’s last line of defence against the combined armies of the North, The Dothraki and The Unsullied. However, the show dedicated very little time to it, only introducing their leader captain Strickland before writing them off with a single blow of Drogon’s Flame. Somehow, Drogon consumed all the 20,000 men in one blow! The hard part to understand is that the flame that took them out came from behind them, meaning, Drogon attacked them from King’s Landing. How comes no one bothered to attack Daenerys as she killed them.

Cersei’s Humane death

Cersei Lannister had committed the worst crimes against almost every great house in Westeros. There was no other way to end her character except through a gruesome death. However, in the final season, the show turned Daenerys into a worse monster than Cersei in just one episode. The show also allowed Cersei to die comfortably tucked in Jaime Lannister’s hands as if she had done nothing wrong all her life. The show also wrote off the fate of Cersei’s unborn child. It is like all of her crimes didn’t matter in the end since she got a more humane death than all of her victims.

Bran Becoming King

Bran Stark’s purpose as the Three-Eyed Raven still doesn’t make meaning to most fans. He never did anything important except figure out the fact that Rhaegal Targaryen was Jon Snow’s father. For the rest of the time, all Bran did was make people’s lives difficult and get people killed. The rest of the characters that actually contributed to save the living and take down the tyrants in Westeros ended up with nothing. The Finale made it worse when Bran declared that he had come all the way to King’s Landing to become king. Sansa was in a better position to become the queen of King’s Landing than Bran. It was a mockery of the entire show.

Game of Thrones: 10 Ways The Final Season Destroyed The Show

Jon Snow As The Leader Of The Dead Night’s Watch

When Jon Snow became a member of the Night’s Watch, the order was still enjoying its great days with Lord Commander Joer Mormont as its leader. The order soon descended into chaos and was technically inexistent by the time Stannis Baratheon brought his army to The Wall. Jon Snow managed to raise an army from the Wildlings, the Northmen and later, Daenerys’ forces to defend Winterfell after the Wall fell to the White Walkers.

After the Night King’s Death, and with the Freefolk South of The Wall, the purpose of the Night’s Watch was finished and there was no more need for it. The Final season made a mess of Jon Snow’s character by sending him to protect a wall that could no longer be manned and a Night’s Watch that no longer existed after all he had done to save Westeros.

A Standing Iron Throne After The Sacking Of King’s Landing

When Cersei ran into Maegor’s Holdfast while the Red Keep was collapsing, she was supposed to be safe but Drogon’s flames seemed to pierce in there as well as the Holdfast collapsed. The Holdfast was located under the throne room, meaning, if it collapsed, then the Throne Room collapsed too. However, before Jon Snow Killed her, Daenerys was standing in front of the Iron Throne which seemed unscathed from all of that rubble. Actually, the ground beneath the throne didn’t seem to have moved an inch.

Arya Stark’s Mission To Nowhere

Arya Stark killed the Night King making her an even greater fighter than the shieldmaiden Brienne of Tarth. She had trained to become a Faceless Man, but the final season ran out of ways to utilize that skill choosing instead to concentrate on her squabbles with Sansa and later Daenerys. They made the powerful fighter into a common Westerosi lady. She was still the saviour of all of Westeros at the end of the day and definitely deserved a bigger reward than she got. Instead of making her the commander of Winterfell’s defences or the master of war, the show gave her the unbefitting ending of a trip to nowhere.

Edmure Tully Resurfacing

Edmure Tully never accomplished anything important despite the fact that he was the only surviving son of Lord Hoster Tully of Riverrun and Catelyn Stark’s sister. The creators gave up on the Tullys long before the final season putting the fate of the Trident at stake in the final. The last time Edmure was seen, was when Jamie Lannister used him as a pawn. To save face, the creators brought a stumbling Edmure in the finale with no purpose to serve. So where was he all those days? What happened to Riverrun under his watch and why did he come to King’s Landing after his absence all that time?

Game of Thrones: 10 Ways The Final Season Destroyed The Show

The Useless White Walkers

When Jon Snow saved the Wildlings at Hardhome, the White Walkers were fighting just as hard as the Night King meaning they posed a threat nearly as big as that of their leader. However, when the Battle of Winterfell came, the Night King’s bodyguards turned into cheerleaders. They never did anything significant except standing there as their leader did all the hard work. When Arya came out of nowhere and attacked the Night King, they just froze there and did nothing. Then they splashed into splinters as the Night King was killed as if they had no life of their own. So, if they were that useless, what was all that fuss about?

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