Yellowstone Season 5: Top 10 Most Interesting Predictions

Yellowstone Season 5: Top 10 Most Interesting Predictions

The finale of Yellowstone season 4 hit 11 million viewers which was a record for Paramount leading to the renewal for the fifth season and a possible sixth. That means the Duttons aren’t going away any time soon and the war for the Yellowstone ranch or whatever will be left of it will continue. The network also confirmed that Jennifer Landon who plays Teeter and Kathryn Kelly who plays Jimmy’s new girl Emily will become regulars on the show. That means there is more action probably from both Texas and Montana and with the race for the governorship heating up, Paramount has 11 million reasons to make the 5th season a real spectacle. Meanwhile, fans have their speculations of what will happen in the season and these 10 are the most interesting.

The Train Station gets discovered

If someone speaks about the train station to the authorities, then the Duttons will be in for a rough trip because there are so many dark secrets that no one wants to bring to light. With the increase in the number of people getting the mark recently with less scrutiny involved, there is a very high risk that one of them will spill the beans. The prime suspect was Walker but he may not be the reason the ranch falls after all because he had lots of chances to do that but he didn’t. Kayce said that he had seen “the end of us,” after his journey to discover the mystery of the wolf and by “us”, he may have been talking about the Duttons as a whole. If that was the case, then the train station is the surest way for that prophecy to come true.

The Duttons lose the ranch

The threats to the Duttons and their ranch have quadrupled since the first season and now, John Dutton no longer has to worry about the likes of Thomas and other small property developers. His biggest threats are Jamie who knows too much about the family and most recently, Market equities and their aggressive CEO. Meanwhile, John Dutton doesn’t seem prepared to stand up to the real threats he is facing and Beth isn’t ahead of these threats either. There is a very high probability that they will lose the ranch to one of these threats and now the whole cast will have to get the ranch back which will make the show even more thrilling.

Beth and Rip separate

Beth and Rip’s marriage isn’t exactly built on solid rock. They are two people who have opposite views of life and their childhood romance that led to their marriage won’t be able to withstand the storms they face. Rip obviously wants to be a father and Beth isn’t able to have children and doesn’t seem to be doing well with Carter. Beth is also likely to fall out further with John Dutton and Rip will never leave John and follow Beth into her murky world. When the real test on the ranch comes, it is obvious that either of the two will have to choose what they really love doing over their marriage.

Beth allows Jamie to become the governor

Beth took a photo of Jamie “taking care” of his father’s body which essentially means that he is in Beth’s hands forever. Jamie doesn’t have his father anymore either, which means he won’t be able to rain hell on the Duttons the same way the old man did. For the Duttons to keep the ranch, John will have to concentrate on eliminating threats such as Jacki Weaver and Thomas Rainwater. John will obviously have no problem with Jamie becoming governor if he can twist his arms whenever he wants.

Kayce and Monica leave

Given a chance, Kayce has proved that he will always choose his son and wife over the ranch and that choice is in front of him again. On his quest to find the wolf, he saw a vision of the end of what may be his extended family or just his relationship with Monica. As far as Monica is concerned, the Duttons are a threat to his relationship with Kayce and if leaving the ranch behind to be together will save them, then they will not hesitate to take it. It will also give the producers less starts to deal with heavy action scenes if the family moves away.

Yellowstone Season 5: Top 10 Most Interesting Predictions

Teeter and Colby become a real couple

The ranch doesn’t allow relationships, especially between cowboys but Colby and Teeter are long past that stage. The two are in love and both of them have the mark now. All that is left is for them to convince Rip that their relationship will not affect their job on the ranch. Hard as that may be, the two are great together and it will be good to see a true cowboy and a cowgirl fall in love.

Summer steals John from Beth

Beth thought she had used Summer but she never realized how much her father appreciated the activist. It is now clear that she will go to prison because of Beth’s tricks and even if John pulls the strings to reduce her sentence, she will still come for blood and Beth will be in trouble. John Dutton already has a weak spot for Summer and since his relationship with Beth is already on the rocks, Summer may finally use it to tear father and daughter apart to get her revenge.

Jimmy and Emily come back to Yellowstone

The show has already confirmed that Emily will be a regular on the show and being a vet; (something the ranch hasn’t had since the first season) she has a spot on the ranch already. Jimmy’s time in Texas wasn’t the best in the show either which is why the show may seek to concentrate everything on the Yellowstone. The two will make another couple on Yellowstone that will just increase the laughter in the “boys house”.

Thomas Rainwater makes a truce

Thomas Rainwater loves Monica and Kayce and he has come to realize that the Duttons are not the biggest threat to the reservation. With Market Equities coming for the reservation as well as the ranch, he may just find it easier to make a truce with John Dutton than the property developers. It is now obvious that the Duttons are part of the reservation whether he likes it or not.

Beth takes down Market Equities

Jacki Weaver is a scary woman and even Beth has a fear of her deep down. Beth wants to keep the ranch and even modernize it if she can but her greatest strength is in capital markets. She enjoys bringing down corporate sharks that seek to twist everything in their favour. She now has a real family on the ranch after Jamie left and she got married to Rip and with every reason to protect her family, she won’t hesitate to take down the angry old CEO.

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