Ten Celebrity Ninja Turtle Noses You Can’t Help but Laugh at

While doing the daily email magazine the other day I came across something rather odd. It is the art of Ninja Turtle Noses, you take an image of a well-known celebrity and basically photo shop a turtle onto their nose. It sounds ridiculous (and it is,) but it is also something that made me smile, so I thought I would share the madness…


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Top 10 Celebrity Ninja Turtle Noses
Hulk with Ninja Turtle Nose

10 – Hulk

FACT: Bart Simpsons catchphrases “Don’t have a cow, man!” and “Cowabunga” were all taken directly from the turtles cartoons!

Top 10 Celebrity Ninja Turtle Noses
Sting with Ninja Turtle Nose

9 – Sting

FACT: In the original comics April O’Neil was the assistant to a scientist, but in the cartoons, she was changed to being a news reporter instead.

Top 10 Celebrity Ninja Turtle Noses
The Beatles with Ninja Turtle Noses

8 – The Beatles

FACT: It depends where in the world you live, to what you call the turtles. In the US they were called ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’, in Europe, we call them ‘Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles’ and in Japan, they were called ‘Mutant Ninja Turtles’

Top 10 Celebrity Ninja Turtle Noses
Prison Mike with Ninja Turtle Nose

7 – Prison Mike

FACT: James Avery (Will Smith’s Uncle Phil on ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.’) was the voice of Shredder for seven seasons of the cartoon show!

Top 10 Celebrity Ninja Turtle Noses
Barack Obama with Ninja Turtle Nose

6 – Barack Obama

FACT: The Idea for Shredder’s armour Came from a cheese grater! Eastman got the idea while drying his dinner dishes.

Top 10 Celebrity Ninja Turtle Noses
Michael Jordan with Ninja Turtle Nose

5 – Michael Jordan

FACT: There was once a female turtle named Venus de Milo. At some point during the series, the character mysteriously vanishes from the storyline and no official explanation is given for her disappearance.

Top 10 Celebrity Ninja Turtle Noses
Charlie Sheen with Ninja Turtle Nose

4 – Charlie Sheen

FACT: The original comics published by Eastman and Laird’s Mirage Studios were done in a adults only manga style filled with graphic violence, including blood spray, stabbings and ritualistic suicide.

Top 10 Celebrity Ninja Turtle Noses
Tom Selleck with Ninja Turtle Nose

3 – Tom Selleck

FACT: The first comics ever released (1984) was funded with money from a tax refund and a loan from Eastman’s uncle! And there was only ever meant to be 4 for them.

Top 10 Celebrity Ninja Turtle Noses
Albert Einstein with Ninja Turtle Nose

2 – Albert Einstein

FACT: The idea for the original comic came from Kevin Eastman and his friend Peter Laird way back in 1983, they loved the low reptile with the fluid grace of a ninja style they come up with.

Top 10 Celebrity Ninja Turtle Noses
Arnold Schwarzenegger with Ninja Turtle Nose

1 – Arnold Schwarzenegger

FACT: The ‘Daredevil’ has the same origins as our turtles, he was struck on the side of the head by a radioactive canister, which blinds him but makes his other senses more powerful, the same radioactive canister that the writers of the Turtles were inspired by.

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