Ten of the Worlds Rarest and Most Unusual Mr Potato Heads You Can Buy Now

If there is one toy that has changed and adapted as time moved by it is good old Mr Potato head. Invented by a man called George Lerner right back in 1949, it was manufactured and distributed by Hasbro a few years later in 1952. From toy story to franchise hopping, the vegetable head does it all…


Top 10 Rare and Unusual Mr Potato Heads
Original 1952 Mr. Potato Head

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Looking back at the original toy, what you got with the first mass produced version is essentially Mr potato head bucket, and you had to supply your own real potato! I don’t remember ever seeing one that was an actual spud, but it is still very funny looking back on it.

Elvis Presley Mr. Potato Head

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This is of course the king of rock and roll in potato form. It is a bit of a shame that Mr potato heads voice isn’t active as it would have made for a better gift. But still, if you want to remember both the Kings music and these retro toys this might well be the one for you.

Mr Potato Head Dalek

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While looking for the image of these more unusual toys you do come across some very funny Mr potato head pictures, but this one really is real and available to buy right now. Although it has to be said that Mr Potato and Doctor who is an odd combination indeed.

Spiderman Mr Potato Head

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I am fairly sure it is down to some silly licensing laws that means poor old Spiderman can’t be part of the Super Hero collection you will come to see in number 4, but on its own, it still looks great it a little overweight to be climbing any walls or webs.

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Simpsons 25th Anniversary Homer Simpson Mr Potato Head

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The Simpsons are officially the longest running cartoon series in the world a while back it celebrated its 25th birthday. To honour that long-running record Hasbro made some of these very funny Homer Simpson potato heads. If ever there was something that looked like Homer anyway it has to be a potato.

NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Mr. Potato Head

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Most people call these Steelers Mr potato heads, but the team name was never mentioned it just happens to have the same colours as the NFL team. It was part of a “Sports Spuds” collection that we never got to see over here in the UK as they were mostly American style sports. Shame really, because I love em!

Super Heroes Mr Potato Heads

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This is more an entire set of cool Potato head characters. There is good old Superman, Thor, Captain America, Wolverine, Wonder Woman, Ironman and the Classic Batman! If you have ever fancied making your own Mr potato head funny pictures, this has to be the set to do it with.

Star Trek Mr Potato Heads

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I am sure that there are 101 funny Mr potato head jokes about it being illogical that in the film they were all asking “where is Mr potato heads eye?” was, but I can’t think of any right now. The fact that these are the more classic versions of Star Trek makes them that extra bit special to me.

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Mr Potato Head Transformers

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This is probably something you might see driving out of Mr potato heads eye construction yard. I am of course a massive fan of all the Transformers films and I do love this to little bits (Literally!) but the fact that it doesn’t transform into at least a spud doesn’t fill me with much more than a passing smile for it.

Star Wars Mr Potato Head

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Of all the weird, wonderful and quite frankly strange types of Mr potato heads, there are this has to be one of the most unusual. I am sure that there is a reason for Mr Potato head and the Star Wars licence coming together, and I’m sure it has something to do with Hasbro milking the licence for all it is worth, but whatever the reason is I love it, and I wish the spud was my father.

Author: Gus Barge

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