Ten Strange and Unusual Lamps You Might Want to Turn on

Have you ever looked around at all the different styles of lamps out there. From reading lamps, to bedside ones. From lamp posts to low light ones. But what I have found here is some lamps that would not fit the décor of any home, and would look out of sorts in the most craziest of houses. These are the most creative and very unusual…



Top 10 Strange and Unusual Lamps
NES Gampad Lamp

10 – NES Gamepad

There will be a lot of people reading this that will not have a clue what this is. But this is a classic NES advantage gamepad. Arcade-styled gamepad has since given up the gaming ghost and has been repurposed into a rather nerdy but definitely cool bedside lamp.

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Lamps
Super Mario Bros Star Light

9 – Star

While it may not be as bright as a real star, this lamp inspired by a Super Mario power star sure is bright enough for most people. IT does come on a metal stand as well, but with this image you can’t really see that.

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Lamps
Cute Star Wars Lamps

8 – Cute Star Wars

If you fancy something a little more child-friendly and gadget-laden than the Star Wars lightsaber lamps you will come to see in number 3 maybe these are for you. With a clock, MP3, talking time, and a lamp they are a good all-rounder for the bedside cabinet.

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Lamps
Lamp Made from Recycled Toys

7 – Recycled Toys

If you take a real good look at this rather unusual lamp you will soon start to see some very familiar faces because this lamp is made from recycled plastic toys. Made by artist Ryan Mac Elhinney he spent 6 weeks painting and fusing all those toys together to create the ultimate retro toy lamp.

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Top 10 Strange and Unusual Lamps
Duck Hunt Lamp

6 – Duck Hunt

If you’re looking for a more unusual retro style lamp then maybe this Duck Hunt NES game design is the one for you. Sadly it requires a high level of craft skills to make this, but if you are that way inclined maybe this is worth a go.

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Lamps
Super Mario: Boo Ghost Lamp

5 – Boo

If you’re looking for something a little more creepy why not make one of these amazing Super Mario boo ghost lamps.  Underneath the collection of ping-pong balls that have been drawn on, it is nothing more than a basic bed light lamp meaning if you have the art skills make your own.

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Lamps
Tetris Lamp

4 – Tetris

This is another one of those lamps that we’ve seen many times before. But its simplicity block design based on the video game Tetris makes it look relevant today and when there are a few lamps in this post look this good in most bedrooms.  This lamp also made it into my post “Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Tetris Gift Ideas

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Lamps
Star Wars: Lightsaber Table Lamps

3 – Lightsabers

Not only do you get a Star Wars emblem in the actual lampshade, but the best detail about these table lamps is the main lamp structure is actually styled like a lightsaber! Its like 2 gifts for the price of one. Well actually they are quite expensive so you paid double anyway.

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Top 10 Strange and Unusual Lamps
Tri-Force Lamp

2 – Tri-Force

There are a couple of these tri-force (From the Legend of Zelda Games) lamps on ETSY, all handmade and still one of the best things in the style of the triforce you can buy. It was good back when it was seen in one of my first posts called “Top 10 Amazing Triforce: Legend of Zelda Gift Ideas” and it is still good now.

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Lamps
Cereal Bowl Lamp

1 – Cereal

Some of you might be thinking that I’ve got sidetracked by thinking about food and decided to do a post on tasty breakfast cereals. But those people would be wrong. This is, in fact, a lamp made by Wanderlust Designs who seem to have a very avid fondness of fruit loops. I think a bedside lamp designed to look like a bowl of fruit loops was always going to make the number 1 in this list.

Author: Gus Barge

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