Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Motorcycles

I hold my hands up here, I am not a fan of motorbikes at all, I just find them too loud, too scary and overall just dangerous in every way! But maybe I am judging a book by its cover after all these days motorbikes are very safe and the safety laws you have to follow to ride them are second to none! Maybe it is just the look of these powerful bikes that I don’t like, maybe if they were a bit nerdier I would find them more amazing…

Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Motorcycles

Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Motorcycles
Predator Motorbike

10 – Cadillac

Now this is more my cup of tea! Not the old 60’s design that it looks like, this is, in fact, a one-off designed by Robert Egger back in just 1998! But it looks amazing and the vintage style really does just make you want to ride it off into the sunset.

Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Motorcycles
The SDS: Spherical Drive System Motorbike

9 – The Dyson Ball bike?!?

This very crazy looking motorcycle with balls instead of tires was designed by students from Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering, at the moment they don’t have a finished machine, but they are working on it! I don’t think I’ll be first in line to have a go.

Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Motorcycles
Snoopy Motorbike

8 – Snoopy Rides

Now I love the Snoopy dog just as much as the next fan of the cartoons, but to make a motorcycle inspired by him is taking things a little too far! But it does look kind of cool.

Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Motorcycles
Black Widow Steampunk Custom Motorcycle

7 – Steambike

Made Solifague Design, this amazing steampunk bike is sure to turn most people heads towards it, with a retro and sci-fi style it looks amazing and even one motorbike that I would love to ride on! Although that seat does look a little slippery.

Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Motorcycles
Jaguar Motorcycle

6 – Animal Instincts

To me, it looks like some bikes are half machine, half animal anyway. So this Jaguar inspired custom bike is just one step up from that! Would I ride it? Nope! But I do still think it looks amazing and is sure to be a wild animal ride.

Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Motorcycles
Skeleton Motorbike

5 – Bone Drive

Looking like something a member of the Hells Angles would ride, this custom-made bike looks fast, mean and most probably very loud. Which if I think about it is everything I hate about motorbikes, but I do appreciate that it is very unusual and amazing none the less.

Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Motorcycles
White Stallion Motorcycle

4 – Horse Drawn Bike

Not much is know about this amazing White Stallion motorbike,  It was seen on display at the Khalidiya Mall, Abu Dhabi but other than that nothing! Shame really because it looks incredible and something that is sure to be a head-turner.

Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Motorcycles
Chrome Yamaha R1

3 – Chrome Alone

It does have to be said that this chrome motorbike looks simply incredible! But imagine the upkeep, anything bigger than a spec of dust will show up on it instantly and ruin the chrome effect! Or maybe keeping it clean would dazzle everyone who looks at it!

Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Motorcycles
The World’s Biggest Motorbike

2 – Whopper Chopper!

This is officially the Worlds biggest motorbike, Weighing 14 tonne, this is a true monster bike. Unlike most motorcycles that can weave in and out of the traffic, this one can just ride straight over the top of it all!

Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Motorcycles
Real-life Tron Lightcycle superbike

1 –  Virtual into Reality

Before you cry out fake, this might look like the CGI render of the light cycles in the Tron films, but this is no CGI, this baby is real! Its 100% street-legal and ready to roll. Sadly you can’t buy them yet, but the time when you can is coming. Would I want to ride one of these? Oh yes! But in a pitch dark empty carpark.

Which one did you like?

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