Ten Animals Found in Car Engines Who Survived to Tell the Tale

This post is inspired by a bit of a sad story, you see the other day my friend had accidentally injured his own cat because it had climbed into the engine block of his car and had burnt its little toes on the engine. But good news it is on the road to recovery. But it does seem that all sorts of unusual animals end up under the hood of cars…



Top 10 Animals Found in Car Engines
Owl Found in Car Engine

10 – Owl

Over here in the UK (Hampshire to be exact) we often get owls found in all sorts of strange places including drains (see my post “Top 10 Animals in Drains” for proof) so when Ben McAllister found this baby owl in the car engine he was brave enough to save it.

Top 10 Animals Found in Car Engines
Rat Found in Car Engine

9 – Rat

Poor Martin Payn an RAC car rescue worker was called out to what he thought was routine engine problems, but it turned out to be a very wild adventure as he opened the engine to find a pair of eyes looking back at him!

Top 10 Animals Found in Car Engines
Groundhog Found in Car Engine

8 – Groundhog

They might think they can tell the weather, but a groundhog is no mechanic. But the poor car owner knows that he had to “coax” it out before it ate through any wires. The good news is that he did, and I am sure the groundhog went on to live a full life.

Top 10 Animals Found in Car Engines
Rabbit Found in Car Engine

7 – Rabbit

Looking a little shaken up is this poor, little, wild rabbit that decided it would be a good place to stay the night in a car engine! the driver did not get that far until it was discovered presumably running around on a very hot engine. But what happened to the rabbit?

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Top 10 Animals Found in Car Engines
Opposum Found in Car Engine

6 – Opposum

It might look and sound like a cute creature, but a wild Opposum can be rather dangerous indeed, and that is why the snare is used here. Found living in an abandoned car it was captured without injury and then released back into the wild.

Top 10 Animals Found in Car Engines
Mice Found in Car Engine

5 – Mice

The image might be a little blurry, but then again mice are rather quick! Once discovered in the engine block of Gregory Bryants car they were left alone.

Top 10 Animals Found in Car Engines
Dog Found in Car Engine

4 – Dog

Hiding in the car engine is Betty Boop the Jack Russel luckily found by her owner Gary Rose. Apparently, the dog was in the front engine compartment for up to 75 miles before they heard the dog bark.

Top 10 Animals Found in Car Engines
Kitten Found in Car Engine

3 – Kitten

Found in Austria is this rather lucky kitten. Unlike my friends cat he escaped free of injury after the driver pulled over after hearing strange noises. Very lucky it is indeed.

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Top 10 Animals Found in Car Engines
Baby blackbird nest Found in Car Engine

2 – Blackbird Nest

Four and twenty blackbirds baked in an engine! It doesn’t sound as good as the nursery rhyme, but it is what Maureen Morris, from Porthcrawl in Wales discovered when she lifted the bonnet of her car.

Top 10 Animals Found in Car Engines
Large Rock Python Found in Car Engine

1 – Python

It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you are from. When you find a giant rock python in your car it is bound to be a little scary, and that is what this poor person discovered. Or maybe it is just a fancy fan belt!

Author: Gus Barge

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