Ten Batman Themed Vehicles the Superhero Probably Won’t Ever Use

Let’s face it that man always had the best vehicles out of all the superheroes. But the other day I stopped to think about all the vehicles he is ever had and I realised that there was a few that were missing that he might well need to blend into everyday life. So here are my top 10 batman themed vehicles…


Top 10 Batman Themed Vehicles
Batman Monster Truck

10 – Monster Truck

I think out of order scenarios you look and see in this top 10 this is the most unlikely. But it is probably good for Batman to know he has his very own monster truck waiting for him if ever he had to chase a bad guy into the monster truck arena. To be honest it sounds like a film I would definitely watch!

Top 10 Batman Themed Vehicles
Batman Tram

9 – Tram

If Batman ever had to get around the city in a hurry during peak hour den in might have to take the local metro tram line. And what better way to do it than in this Russia One tram. The sleek black lines design is perfect for blending in with the Dark Knight theme. Let’s just hope that man has some loose change somewhere in his bat wallet.

Top 10 Batman Themed Vehicles
Batman Bicycle

8 – Bicycle

To be honest, this bicycle looks a little painful, but I’m more worried about the lack of ability to actually turn! But to be fair to it it did bring a smile to my face and that is the reason I thought I would add it to this post. This is one of its vehicles I really don’t think Batman would smile at.

Top 10 Batman Themed Vehicles
Batman Plane

7 – Plane

Sure I understand that Batman has had many planes throughout the many films he has starred in, let’s face it most of them are going to be designed in the style of this F-117 Nighthawk. In fact, he would not have to do anything to modify it!

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Top 10 Batman Themed Vehicles
Batman Truck

6 – Truck

Maybe Batman would need it to transport son secret batman cave goodies, oh maybe he will just need it full of fuel to fill up all those fuel guzzling vehicles he seems to drive around in all day. Or maybe, just maybe he plans to blow up a secret enemy hideout.

Top 10 Batman Themed Vehicles
Batman Boat

5 –Boat

This is the SeaPhantom, a five-passenger high-speed boat designed by Maritime Flight Dynamics. Now I know Batman does have his own range of boats But I think to blend in with the rich people on the lake and chase the bad guys down he would definitely want one of these.

Top 10 Batman Themed Vehicles
Batman Limo

4 – Limousine

If ever there was a superhero that had the money to travel in style it has to be Batman and it seems someone feels the same way because they made this custom designed batman limousine. If Batman ever wanted to catch bad guys in comfort and style this is the way it would probably do it.

Top 10 Batman Themed Vehicles
Batman Moped

3 – Moped

In today’s busy cities Batman just doesn’t have to space to be driving around in that massive tumbler of his. So what you need is something fast, light and can nip in and out of traffic. And so for that very reason, a good citizen has made him this moped.

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Top 10 Batman Themed Vehicles
Batman Golf Cart

2 – Golf Cart

Here is a good fact for you: loads of bad guys play golf! I have seen them myself in the movies and on TV always chatting about their evil plots on the golf course, so it is perfectly logical that Batman would need a golf cart to chase them around! Those of you with a good memory will remember this from my post “Top 10 Unusual Golf Carts”.

Top 10 Batman Themed Vehicles
Batman Tractor

1 – Tractor

If you think about it logically this is probably the vehicle Batman would need the most. Because as Bruce Wayne he has all that land to farm and can’t do it all himself. So why not do a bit at night time under the disguise of Batman in this quite frankly awesome-looking batman themed tractor. To be honest if old tractors for like this I would have grown up wanting to be a farmer!

Author: Gus Barge

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