Ten of the Craziest and Most Unusual Money Boxes to Help You Save

I’m ashamed to admit I am rubbish at saving money. No matter how much I try I find myself spending the pennies inside of looking after the pounds. So maybe I need to start small and try saving some money with a money box. A money box is going to come in especially handy if you know how to get around gamstop and take care of your own finances. But I want something that is fun to use and looks great so it might encourage me to save a little more than I currently do. Besides, this way I get to spend more money on something that I am probably never going to use…


Super Mario Money Box

10 – Super Mario Money Box – Buy Now on Amazon >> Click Here <<

I’ve always been a Super Mario fan, so this money box featuring my favourite characters such as Goombas should help me save a few pennies. I just wish I could put gold coins in there and that it would make the noise of Mario getting a coin in the game.

Spirited Away Money Box

9 – Spirited Away Money Box – Buy Now on Amazon >> Click Here <<

If you have seen the animated fantasy film Spirited Away you might enjoy feeding your loose change to No-face Man who will tip the little bowl up and consume all your money. If you have seen the way this character eats in the movie this should make you smile.

Minecraft Pig Money Box

8 – Minecraft Pig Money Box – Buy Now on Amazon >> Click Here <<

I’ve never been a fan of Minecraft, but I am wise enough to know that this is a play on the classic piggy bank money box. While it is more for the little ones I know more than a few adults who still play Minecraft even today.

Safe Money Box

7 – Safe Money Box – Buy Now on Amazon >> Click Here <<

Not only is there a note feeder inside this mini-safe, but it also has a fingerprint reader if you need to get access to it quickly. It’s not as safe as a real…safe, but it is something that might help me save for a rainy day.

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Jubapoz Money Eating Money Box

6 – Jubapoz Money Eating Money Box – Buy Now on Amazon >> Click Here <<

You have probably seen these on social media at some point and if I am honest with you they creep me out a little bit. You simply put a coin near the mouth of this money box and its motorised lips start to eat the coin given to it. Yes, it is just as weird as it sounds, but it does come in a nice range of colours which is nice.

Grabbing Panda Money Box

5 – Grabbing Panda Money Box – Buy Now on Amazon >> Click Here <<

They might look cute and fluffy, but make no mistake, Giant pandas are money stealing creatures who will take your loose change while you are not looking. On a more serious note, there are loads of these coin-grabbing animals money boxes, but this panda one is the cutest of them all.

Savings Jar Money Box

4 – Savings Jar Money Box – Buy Now on Amazon >> Click Here <<

While many people will choose to save their loose change in a simple jar this one is made of plastic making it a little lighter and has a money counter on the top of it that automatically counts the amount you are placing inside of it! Apparently, it can hold over 5000 coins which is rather a lot. I do have to wonder how little or how much that could possibly be.

Armoured Car Money Box

3 – Armoured Car Money Box – Buy Now on Amazon >> Click Here <<

I know it is more for the little ones than us adults, but I was hoping to pretend I was in a bank-heist move and break the doors off the back of the truck. You get into this money box by entering the code in the keypad in the hood, only then do the truck doors open.

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Desk Globe Money Box

2 – Desk Globe Money Box – Buy Now on Amazon >> Click Here <<

With this money box, you can save to go away on holiday all the while looking at that said money box looking for places to visit! You could even colour out the places you have already been and try to find somewhere new to go on holiday with the few quid you are saving.

Hunny Pot Money Box

1 – Hunny Pot Money Box – Buy Now on Amazon >> Click Here <<

This money-saving honey pot doesn’t just belong to Winnie The Pooh and friends, it also belongs to you. Maybe you could save up for some real honey or even a real bear! Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best and this sure made me smile.

Author: Gus Barge

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