Top 10 Weird, Amazing and Unusual Light Shades

Be honest, you have been meaning to get a new light shade for that spare bedroom for a while now, but it is something you keep putting off and often simply forgetting about. Well, why not take a look at these ten unusual light shades that transform otherwise boring lightbulbs into something amazing…


Emoji Light Shade
Emoji Light Shade

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We all know that one person who sends more emojis than text characters, so it’s time to shed a bit of light on their lack of the alphabet.

Helicopter Light Shade

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Hanging this in a little boys room is a nice idea, but I was hoping someone would come around and put it in mine!

Rocket Lamp Shade

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You won’t need to hire an electrician to hang this rocket map shade, it’s really not rocket science! Or maybe it is.

Multicoloured Woven Fabric Lamp Shade

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Something about this woven fabric lamp shade made me smile. Maybe it’s because it was hand made making each one quite unique.

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Star Wars: BB-8 Lamp Shade

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This might be our first Star Wars themed light shade, but it most certainly isn’t our last. But maybe it is the cutest.

Rainbow Balloon Light Shade

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This isn’t just for a kids bedroom, it would bring a touch of happiness to any room! This one might hang a bit low so watch your head around it.

La Volière Bird Cage Light Shade by Mathieu Challières

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Maybe this is best off in an aviary, but I’m sure someone out there reading this will love it, even if it is a little quirky.

Contemporary Spiral Copper Ribbon Light Shade

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What about something more modern and stylish? Why not get this copper ribbon bent in a swirl pattern.

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Footballs Light Shade

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There is always some little boy (or football fan) that has always wanted a room themed in a football style. For those rooms comes the perfect footie light shade

Star Wars: Death Star Light Shade

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This could be the perfect finishing touch to a Star Wars themed bedroom. With a simple design, anyone can hang it and it will look cool day or night.

Author: Gus Barge

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