Is CBD the Right Choice For Me? Ten Things To Consider Before Buying

Is CBD the Right Choice For Me? Ten Things To Consider Before Buying

These days it seems to can find CBD in almost everything from chocolate to soap and lots of other things that might surprise you. So today we are looking to see if it is worth you using these CBD infused products. The truth is they are not going to be for everyone so here are ten things well worth considering before you spend any money on all those CBD products…

What is CBD?

This is something a lot of people get confused about. Yes, it is a component derived directly from a hemp plant, but it is definitely not cannabis as you might know it. CBD (Cannabidiol) is just 1 of 113 identified cannabinoids found inside a cannabis plant and is often considered to be the most beneficial one to humans health and state of mind.

Is it OK to Buy it?

Different countries have different laws around the use of CBD, so you might want to check what the law is in your own country. Something also worth considering is if you plan to take any of those items on holiday because in some countries it is a crime to even possess anything with CBD inside of it, even beauty products! So do check any localised laws out before travelling with it.

Can You Tolerate it?

While it is well known that anything with cannabidiol is well-tolerated by the vast majority of the public there will still be a small number of people who develop side effects from it and the most common one is a dry mouth. Sure, that isn’t anything to worry about too much, but it is something worth thinking about.

Is CBD the Right Choice For Me? Ten Things To Consider Before Buying

Will You See Any Benefits?

While most people are fully able to tolerate anything made with cannabidiol a large number of people will see little to no benefit from taking it. The main reason for this is the micro-doses that are often inside the products which means you need to use them or consume them for a while before you see any benefit. And that issue brings me nicely to the next question…

Can You Afford it Long Term?

As we have already learned many CBD products rely on micro-dosing, so you will need to use an item or consume that item for a good while before you start to see the benefits of it. So by making sure the items you purchase are affordable to you will help make sure you can buy them over the long-term rather than a one-off thing.

Can I Become Addicted To it?

While there are no known cases of people becoming physically addicted to it, some people find that can’t live without it in terms of the benefits it offers. This is especially true with people who take it to ward off high blood pressure or the onset of Alzheimer’s. Please note that this does not mean they are addicted to it, it just means some people become mentally reliant on it. If you are experiencing the benefits of using CBD products this is a small price to pay.

Are CBD Products Worth The Money?

This really is down to the individual using them. Some people with mild depression and anxiety see amazing results and they feel on top of the world (hence the reason people become reliant on CBD products as in our previous question). While others simply like the smell or taste of them. To be fair CBD products are a lot more affordable nowadays making them well worth trying.

Is it Good Quality?

Just because an item is infused with CBD doesn’t mean it is a quality item. There is a lot of unreliability of the purity and dosage of CBD in products meaning you need to make sure the places you are buying them from are well established and have a good customer service record. You can normally check this sort of thing by reading various site reviews.

Is CBD the Right Choice For Me? Ten Things To Consider Before Buying

Do You Like The Taste and Smell?

Most items laced with CBD will have a grassy or earthy taste or a woody smell to them and this is perfectly natural. But it might not be to everyone’s tastes. That is why you are better of buying off buying 1 of each item rather than in bulk, just in case it becomes an issue for you.

Why Are You Using it?

While many people have reported the health benefits of it the truth is Cannabidiol isn’t a miracle cure to anything and should certainly not be used as an alternative to medical prescribed pills and medicine. It won’t cure your arthritis nor heal those acne scars, but studies show it might prevent them from happening in the first place.

Do you have any other questions with regards to buying or using CBD products? If you do why not ask them in the comments below and we will try and answer them. 

Author: Gus Barge

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