Ten of The Latest Morgan Freeman Movies and TV Shows

Ten of The Latest Morgan Freeman Movies and TV Shows

“The best way to guarantee a loss is to quit,” said Morgan Freeman and it remains one of the best statements that summarize his career as an actor. Having been a late bloomer in the industry, it is now clear that old is really gold because at 84 years old he continues to make history every time he is in front of the camera. He is one of the highest-paid actors in the world with the mere use of his voice being able to turn a scene into a blockbuster. Despite his age, Morgan Freeman is still very active in the industry with his movies and series being some of the best to binge on and these 10 are just some of his latest best.

Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard

As you can guess, there are lots of bullets flying here and for once, Morgan Freeman is playing as a villain and his performance was excellent. Despite receiving generally negative reviews compared to its 2017 predecessor, this film was still a big hit and one of the best action comedies of 2021. It follows the failed bodyguard Michael Bryce (Ryan Reynolds) who is planning to retire after his last client got killed by Darius Kincaid (Samuel L. Jackson).

While on vacation, Kincaid’s wife Sonia shows up and saves him from an attack and also asks for his help in freeing Darius who has been kidnapped by mobsters. The trio finds themselves involved in a battle between Interpol and a terrorist named Aristotle who plans to take down the power grid in all of Europe in retaliation for the EU putting sanctions on Greece. Morgan Freeman plays Michael Bryce sr. which makes him Michael Bryce’s adoptive father.


You know how police officers sometimes retire while disappointed because they just couldn’t get rid of crime and corruption from their cities? That is what Morgan Freeman’s character Damon is in Vanquish. The former police commissioner, now disabled kidnaps the daughter of a former drug courier and forces her to collect bags of money for him from different places in the city. It turns out that he is forcing her to do a cleanup operation taking out criminals and corrupt officials who just can’t be touched by police and thus Morgan Freeman makes another lovable villain in one of 2021’s greatest films.


“While we all feel alone most of the time….somehow, we are all together,” is the philosophy of this 2021 miniseries. It sees Morgan Freeman reunite with his RED costar Helen Mirren as well as Anna Hathaway and Anthony Mackie. The show tries to explain how the feeling of isolation and loneliness leave people bleeding internally and how shared experiences matter in human relationships. The series seeks to explain that however lonely your feel in your situation, you are somehow connected to someone somewhere who has a similar experience.

Ten of The Latest Morgan Freeman Movies and TV Shows

Great Escapes with Morgan Freeman

Documentaries have become Morgan Freeman’s best source of credits mostly thanks to his voice and this is one of them. The reality TV documentary hosted on The History Channel follows some of the most daring escapes and attempted prison breaks around the world. It is a thrilling narration with life in every scene that allows you to relive some of the most unimaginable prison breaks and attempts in modern times.

Coming 2 America

This film was 2021’s Black Panther with Zamunda nearly becoming as popular as Wakanda. The comedy film starring Eddie Murphy as Prince Akeem Joffer of Zamunda combines African and American comedy. Zamunda is the fictional kingdom whose heir’s only male descendant was born in America during a one night stand and now to ensure the safety of the royal family and the kingdom, the prince has to travel back to Queens, New York and find the woman he sired the son with. Morgan Freeman didn’t have much screentime but the film still has enough thrill to keep anyone entertained.

Princess Of The Row

LA’s kid row has become a stain on LA’s ability to take care of its poorest with sad stories coming from there every day. What many don’t talk about is the pain the families of the people on Skid Row go through, especially the kids. Princess of the Row follows the story of Alicia Willis who runs away from foster care to live with her homeless father on Skid Row. The film which also stars Edi Gathegi received lots of positive reviews, Morgan Freeman was the executive producer.

Going In Style

Very little attention is paid to the financial plight of senior citizens, especially in a busy city such as New York. The 2017 film starred Morgan Freeman, Michael Cain and Alan Arkin as three senior citizens and lifelong friends whose pensions are stolen by a bank when the company, they worked for is bought out. With lots of financial problems including one needing a kidney transplant, the three seniors’ resort to robbing a bank. The robbery is a long shot considering their age and the fact that they don’t plan on hurting anyone during the robbery.

Ten of The Latest Morgan Freeman Movies and TV Shows

Angel Has Fallen

Many fans agree that Morgan Freeman makes such a great POTUS which is why the Has Fallen franchise is so popular. Angel Has Fallen is the third instalment of the franchise and it stars Morgan Freeman as president Allan Trumbull and Gerard Butler as his lead secret service agent Mike Banning. After leaving a military training facility run by a private security company called Salient Global, Banning visits the president who is fishing in Virginia only for a swam of armed drones to attack the president’s security and kill everyone except Banning and the president. Banning is later framed for the conspiracy but he fights it to prove his innocence and bring down a conspiracy that goes back to the white house.

The Comeback Trail

Did you know that movie sets are insured? Well, they are insured and it is for a lot of money so if someone were to get injured or die while filming, the producers could land into some huge money. The Comeback Trail is based on a 1982 film by the same name and it follows two producers that are trying to pull off an insurance scam using a staged movie set. Their problems go back to a mobster named Reggie Fontane whom they owe money to. Well, Morgan Freeman is Reggie Fontane.

The Story of God with Morgan Freeman

Religion has shaped humanity more than anything else you can think of and the idea of god varies from one person to another. Well, after portraying God in Bruce almighty, no one was more suited to narrate this documentary series than Morgan Freeman. The series follows different cultures and their opinion of god or belief in a higher power. It follows the history of humans and their faith in higher powers from the pharaohs in Egypt to modern robotics that promise to offer eternal life after death.

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