Ten Amazing Styles of Wrapping Paper That Give Your Gifts the Edge

I will never, ever forget my little boys first Christmas for a couple of reasons. The first was because he is my only child, it was a magical time for both him and myself, the 2nd reason is that he paid more attention to the wrapping paper than the actual present under it! So maybe this year I should try to get the best wrapping paper I can…

Android Gift Wrapping Paper

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Perfect for us Android lovers, this paper is a great idea, although it might be a lot more fun to wrap an iPhone or pad in it, that way it might put them off what is really inside of the gift! But I would just love the paper without any gift under it at all!

Christmas Lights Gift Wrapping Paper

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There was just something about this festive lights wrapping paper that made me smile the moment I saw it. From that point alone I know this had to be in my top 10, I love it.

TARDIS Gift Wrapping Paper

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This was always going to make my top 10, with a nice hard drawn TARDIS and a fun nerdy message to go with it, this would make any Whovians gift very special indeed.

Zombie Gift Wrapping Paper

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With the Walking Dead and other Zombie related things this year, it might seem fitting to gift wrap some presents in this amazing Zombie wrapping paper! This is perfect for wrapping up that Walking Dead Box set.


Mountain Range Gift Wrapping Paper

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How amazing is this! Nothing says “special” more than a Festive Present wrapped in a mountain range. This is just about the best-looking gift wrap you will ever see!

Map Gift Wrapping Paper

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There is just something about this World map gift wrap that makes it look amazing. Maybe it is the exotic feel to it, the imagination of yourself as you look at the different locations, or maybe it just looks cool and that’s all there is to it! Who knows, but I love it!

Word Hunt Gift Wrapping Paper

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Now here is one of the best ideas you will see when it comes to wrapping paper, just word hunt the event, Happy Birthday, Valentines, Christmas and wrap it! Pure Genius.

Burger Gift Wrapping Paper

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This amazing wrapping paper started out as an idea on Kickstarter, but have easily received the start-up amount they are now selling them. But it does seem that as soon as they come back into stock they are sold out again! So if you want some it might be best to keep an eye on the site and pounce when it is available again.


Angry Bird Gift Wrapping Paper

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There are loads of styles out there of angry bird wrapping paper, but I think this DIY gift wrapping make-over is better than all of them. If I received a gift wrapped like an angry bird I would be very happy with it indeed.

Personal Image Gift Wrapping Paper

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Well, I hope you are not as crazy as Mr Chow here, but this type of wrapping paper from Asda opens up a whole world of possibilities! I have used this site a lot myself for some comedy effect presents.

Author: Gus Barge

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