Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Advent Calendars You Can Buy

We have already seen some pretty crazy advent calendars in this blog, but they have all been one of a kind or art installations. These ten amazing festive countdowns you are about to see can all be purchased right now…



Gin Advent Calendar
Gin Advent Calendar

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We all know someone who is a gin drinker and for them, this calendar might not last till Christmas eve.

Lego: Starwars Advent Calendar

9 – Buy Now: >> Click Here <<

There are several Lego advent calendars to choose from, but this one is my personal favourite.

Whisky Advent Calendar

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The perfect companion to go with the Gin one we saw earlier. But best not give them both to the same person as they might be a little too merry before Christmas.

Yankee Candle Advent Calendar

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This calendar was one of the world’s best selling last year, but can it do the same this year?!?

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Beauty Advent Calendar

6 – Buy Now: >> Click Here <<

Until I started writing this post I didn’t even know beauty advent calendars existed! It turns out there are loads of them, but which one would you like the most?

Craft Beer Advent Calendar

5 – Buy Now: >> Click Here <<

Featuring 24 bottles and cans of beer from around the world this should be more than enough to have a merry day, every day before Christmas!

Nail Varnish Advent Calendar

4 – Buy Now: >> Click Here <<

The perfect advent calendar for all those talented people who do their own nail art/ It even comes with some stencils to use!

Play-Doh Advent Calendar

3 – Buy Now: >> Click Here <<

Not only do you get 5 pots of play-doh, but you also get 24 stampers and moulds to use with each, one for each day of Christmas.

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Coca-Cola Advent Calendar

2 – Buy Now: >> Click Here <<

Not only do you get 24 mini cans of Coke, Fanta or Sprite, but you also get a Santa hat and a Coke-Cola fridge magnet.

Sock Advent Calendar

1 – Buy Now: >> Click Here <<

If you know someone with a weird sock collection, you might want to give them what I consider to be the world’s strangest advent calendar. Now all that we need is a shoe calendar.

Author: Gus Barge

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