Top 10 Unusual Flavours of Fanta

If I say the word “Fanta” most people will think of the orange fizzy pop. Believe it or not, it was created in Coke-Cola: Nazi Germany because at the time they were under a trade embargo for Coca-Cola ingredients so they had to come up with something new, thus they created Fanta! But while most of us will know the orange flavour there are more than 100 of them, and here are just ten of the most unusual flavours from around the world…



Top 10 Unusual Flavours of Fanta
Fanta Flavour: Lychee

10 – Lychee –

Orange is so last year, everyone is on Lychees now! As a flavour, I think I might well enjoy this one, and could imagine it being quite refreshing on a hot summers day.

Fanta Flavour: Birch Beer

9 – Birch Beer –

This Fanta is flavoured with an extract from birch bark! It’s sweet and while tasting very similar in flavour to root beer it is not quite the same thing.

Fanta Flavour: Soda Peach

8 – Soda Peach –

While you might be thinking what a strange flavour this is, what is weird is the picture on the bottle of Fanta itself! Does that look like a peach to you?!?

Fanta Flavour: Chinotto

7 – Chinotto –

Chinotto is a natural citrus and herbal beverage & one of Italy’s most traditional soft drinks. Not one that is going to make my drinks list anytime soon.

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Fanta Flavour: Strawberry

6 – Strawberry –

One of the top selling Fanta imports from America to Europe and the rest of the world is Strawberry flavour! I definitely need to try a can of this.

Fanta Flavour: Banana

5 – Banana –

I’m all for trying out the latest fizzy fruit drinks, but when that fruit is a banana I am a bit less enthusiastic about coming forward. It’s still available over in Japan, but here in Europe it was very short lived.

Fanta Flavour: Chocolate Orange

4 – Chocolate Orange –

Obviously made for a Halloween special it is a combination of flavours that often works in chocolate form, but whether it works in a fizzy pop form I am not so sure.

Fanta Flavour: Milk

3 – Milk –

Milk and carbonated fizzy water are not the best bed partners because the 2 flavours combined are foul tasting! But over in Japan, they are a bit more willing to try the more unusual things in life.

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Fanta Flavour: Maracuja

2 – Maracuja –

It might sound like some weird, exotic fruit, but we mostly know it by its other name “Passion fruit” which still makes it quite an exotic flavour, just with a less mysterious name.

Fanta Flavour: Grape

1 – Grape –

I don’t get why grape is such an unusual flavour given that it is quite a common fruit. Reason aside this is one of the rarest Fanta flavours on earth and has sadly now been discontinued due to lack of interest.

Author: Gus Barge

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