Top 10 Unusual Mars Bars

Their slogan used to be “A Mars a day, helps you work rest and play!” but it turned out that it was a load of nutritional rubbish and they had to stop saying it. But bad marketing aside the Mars bar has been a chocolate bar for people who want something extra, something filling. If you are in a major rush and need a quick energy refill the Mars bar is the one to grab. But you might want to think twice before grabbing any of this lot…


Top 10 Unusual Mars Bars


Top 10 Unusual Mars Bars
Mars Bar: Dark Noir

10 – Dark Noir

This is essentially the Dark Chocolate one with 70% coco powder in it, meaning it has a rich, almost Belgian taste to it. Sadly I could not find anything else out about it because even Wiki seems to have missed this one, but it looks and sounds nice anyway.

Top 10 Unusual Mars Bars
Mars Bar: Lava

9 – Lava

I want to start by apologising for the poor quality image, but it really was the best I could find. Only ever released in Australia it was the only known Orange flavoured Mars bar in the World! I am not a big fan of Orange and chocolate together so I might not have liked it, but it would have been good to try. (If anyone can find a better image, let me know.)

Top 10 Unusual Mars Bars
Mars Bar: Rocks

8 – Rocks

If you are looking to maybe own some Mars Rocks, this might well be the only way you can get them. The rocks are in fact rice crispies, and the entire bar is surrounded with them giving it an almost Lion bar style. Out of all of this top 10, this is the one I would love to try the most, but sadly it is once again only available in Australia.

Top 10 Unusual Mars Bars
Mars Bar: Vanilla

7 – Vanilla

Once again only ever released in Australia was this standard Mars Bar but this time with a vanilla flavoured nougat filling. I always thought that the normal one had the same flavour filling so it goes to show what I know.

Top 10 Unusual Mars Bars
Mars Bar: Triple Chocolate

6 – Triple Chocolate

This triple chocolate bar is a common sight over in Australia, but here in the UK it was released as limited edition. But taste wise it was a chocolate nougat and chocolate caramel center making it the 3 way Chocolate combo that it says it is on the wrapper.

Top 10 Unusual Mars Bars
Mars Bar: Gold

5 – Gold

This is in fact a one of Mars bar wrapper made with real gold to celebrate the launch of the Mars: Gold bar. The original was a normal bar, but with a caramel center that I have tried myself and loved. But this solid gold wrapper one, was too amazing not to share with you.

Top 10 Unusual Mars Bars
Mars Bar: Red

4 – Red

Well Mars is known as the Red planet so I suppose it makes more sense to have a red Mars bar as well. But the weird part here is that apart from the wrapper, nothing about this bar is red! In fact the only thing that makes it different is that it was half the fat of a regular Mars bar.

Top 10 Unusual Mars Bars
Mars Bar: Honeycomb

3 – Honeycomb

This is Mars mixed with a Crunchy, but that Honeycomb center looks delicious! While it is basically a normal Mars Bar with the nougat honeycomb flavoured center it is one I would love to have tried. But it was only ever releases in Australia so unless I am going to fly over there, I have no hope.

Top 10 Unusual Mars Bars
Mars Bar: Delight

2 – Delight

The Mars: Delight could not be any further away from the original Mars recipe. With a light wafer and cream style it is more a posh Milky way than a Mars bar.

Top 10 Unusual Mars Bars
Mars Bar: Chocolate Almonds Bar

1 – Almonds

So when is unusual not that unusual at all? Well, this almond style Mars bar is the only style of Mars bar the US has even known! It was released like this and is still sold like this. But here in the UK the almond bar was never released. Strange indeed, but I don’t like almonds anyway.

Which one did you like?

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