Top 10 Rare and Unusual Cucumbers

Have you ever heard anyone say this: “cool as a cucumber” well that saying actually derives from the cucumber’s ability to cool you off by controlling the temperature of your blood! And if you think that is scary you might want to look away from this lot…



Top 10 Rare and Unusual Cucumbers
African Horned Cucumber

10 – African Horned

Also called the “blowfish fruit” the horned cucumber with its spiky yellow exterior and the juicy green interior is a vibrant contrast of colours which apparently tastes like a cross between a cucumber and a zucchini!

Top 10 Rare and Unusual Cucumbers
Hedgehog Cucumbers

>9 – Hedgehog

These ornamental cucumbers are fun and easy to grow and a fun climbing plant which producing lots of pale green, round decorative, spiny cucumbers!

Top 10 Rare and Unusual Cucumbers
Dragon’s Egg Cucumbers

8 – Dragon’s Eggs

With such an amazing name, you expect nothing short of one amazing cucumber and the creamy white “Dragon’s Egg” heirloom cucumber slightly sweeter taste than any other cucumber.

Top 10 Rare and Unusual Cucumbers
Hmong Red Cucumber

7 – Hmong Reds

The fruits of the Hmong Red Cucumber are white to pale green, turning golden-orange-red as they ripen. The Hmong tribe live on the borders of Thailand, China, Burma, Laos and Vietnam, and are a very ancient people and grow some very ancient cucumbers.

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Top 10 Rare and Unusual Cucumbers
Crystal Lemon Cucumber

6 – Crystal Lemons

The Crystal Lemon Cucumber is sweet, mild, and very juicy and only looks like a bitter lemon. This climbing cucumber is apparently the perfect snack fruit and is apparently super healthy.

Top 10 Rare and Unusual Cucumbers
Kaiser Alexander Cucumbers

5 – Kaiser Alexanders

The Kaiser Alexander Cucumber is extremely rare and was named for the Russian Emperor Alexander who liked to eat his cucumbers when they were fully mature and past the eating stage!

Top 10 Rare and Unusual Cucumbers
Gak Cucumber

4 – Gaks

The Gak Cucumber (also called the Spring bitter cucumber) is considered to be one of the healthiest fruits in the world, treating illness such as fever, abscess and back pain!

Top 10 Rare and Unusual Cucumbers
Kigelia Cucumbers

3 – Kigelias

Kigelia cucumbers come from a tree that locals call the sausage tree! Some of its fruits have been measured at almost 3 meters long!

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Top 10 Rare and Unusual Cucumbers
Armenian Cucumbers

2 – Armenians

Don’t worry, this cucumber doesn’t have human legs, that is just someone carrying a load of them. What this super curly cucumber does have it small seeds and a very thin skin!

Top 10 Rare and Unusual Cucumbers
Magnolia Cucumbers

1 – Magnolias

You are looking at the rarest cucumbers that aren’t scientifically speaking a cucumber at all! Often never seen due to their 6–8 cm size they grow on the Magnolia cucumber tree.

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