Top 10 Edible Kirby Party Food Recipes

Made by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory Kirby was one of those video game characters who often go overlooked because Nintendo had so many other bigger name characters. So let’s break that Rainbow Curse and celebrate Kirby with some tasty party foods…



Top 10 Edible Kirby Party Food Recipes
Kirby Cocktail

10 – Cocktail-

A Nintendo themed cocktail drink with Malibu, Rum, Bacardi and Brandy is never going to get official Nintendo approval, but for us older gamers it is the perfect video game drink.

Kirby Sushi

9 – Sushi –

Much like the Bento box which you will come to see this Kirby is also made from rice. Only this time it is Kirby-themed sushi and there is a full making guide for you to follow along with and make your own.

Kirby Cake Truffles

8 – Truffles –

Sometimes it is the radiance between good party nibbles and snacks or bad ones that make or break a party. So make your Nintendo party a winner with these tasty cake truffle snack bites. Full making guide once again in the link.

Kirby Patties

7 – Patties –

I’m not sure I know what a Candy Patty is, but it looks tasty enough and that gets my vote.

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Kirby Cupcakes

6 – Cupcakes –

There was always going to be a cupcake recipe in this post somewhere because Kirby is the perfect character to make a cupcake due to his pink, round body. But these are Low-fat strawberry cupcakes, and there is a full making guide in the link.

Kirby Bento Box

5 – Bento Box –

These little Kirby rice balls in a bento box are going to be far beyond what we mean food mortals can make. But if you have the skills to make one, fair play to you!

Kirby Cookies

4 – Cookies –

Tasty, simple and of course round. The humble cookie is the perfect Kirby shape and with some pink icing on the top, it also makes a perfect party biscuit.

Kirby Birthday Cake

3 – Cake –

Not much more than a round cake covered in pink fondant icing, but that is what makes a Kirby cake so easy to make. Which is a good job really because there is no making guide in the link.

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Kirby Shaped Cake Pops

2 – Cake Pops –

Sure, our own cake pops are never going to look this good, but a Kirby cake pop is a great idea due to the round shape. A full video making guide means it is well worth at least trying to make them.

Kirby Shaped Macaroons

1 – Macaroons –

Leave it to the youtube channel “Nerdy Nummines” to make these amazing Kirby macaroons. With a full making guide video to go along with again, you can’t fail to make amazing treats for any Nintendo character loving nerd.

Author: Gus Barge

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