Top 10 Crazy Banana Cars With Real Appeal

Do you run a fruit and veg stall at the local market? Or maybe you just love the yellow, curved fruit its self. No matter what you do you will never fail to get a smile out of people as they take selfies next to your very own banana-shaped vehicle…


Top 10 Crazy Banana Cars With Real Appeal
Yellow Banana Shaped Car

10 – Fruit Music

This crazy banana shaped 1992 Pontiac Grand Am was made for the Bloodhound Gang music video: Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo

Yellow Banana Shaped Car

9 – VW Banana Bug

With a mix of Volkswagen, banana and photoshop this is one crazy vehicle that also looks like it would be a lot of fun to drive.

Yellow Banana Shaped Car

8 – Sports Fruits

We have all been there. You have saved up enough for a nice sports car, but you also need more banana in your life. Well, thanks to photoshop again you can have your banana and drive it!

Yellow Banana Covered Car

7 – Fruity Fyffes

When you want to drive around promoting bananas Fyffes has the answer, this old Citroen 2CV covered in plastic bananas!

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Yellow Banana Shaped Car

6 – The Appeal of Speed

This is one of those images that is hard to work out if it is real or not. I would guess it was a photoshop job, but it also looks like a feasible car.

Banana Shaped Car

5 – Burning Bananas

Seen at the crazy Burning man festival there is always some crazy contraptions driving around. It just so happened that this year it was a banana!

Yellow Banana Shaped Car

4 – Wide Pealed

Now, this looks like the ultimate big wheel car for getting about town! I have not idea who made it, but I would buy one!

Yellow Banana Shaped Car

3 – Crazy Future With little Appeal

Have weapons loaded, futuristic car, have one that looks like the batmobile, and if you really must, you can have Mahatma Gandhi driving it. But don’t shape it like a banana! Let’s face it, we will be lucky if any fruits are still around in the future!

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Yellow Banana Shaped Bicycle

2 – Desert Mirage

You know you have been walking in the desert too long when you come across someone who is offering you a lift in his banana shaped pedal car!

Yellow Banana Shaped Car

1 – World Tour

You know you have achieved just about everything you ever wanted to in life when you start to tour around the world in a banana shaped car! At least he has room for a few fellow fruit lovers in the back.

Author: Gus Barge

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