10 Things Your Dog Totally Deserves to Get

10 Things Your Dog Totally Deserves to Get

We love our furry friends. They provide companionship, protection, and a reason to be happy, day in and day out. Without dogs in our life, things would be just a bit gloomier than they already are. Because of this, our dogs deserve the best. They are, by nature, pretty easy to keep happy. A bone, some food, and plenty of playtimes are usually enough to keep them high in spirits. But sometimes you just want to spoil them, you know? Watching their expression and whole demeanor change over new stuff like a nice new pair of dog booties can be fun for both of you.

So for being the best doggie in the entire world, here are 10 things that your pup deserves to get.

1. Dog Bed

Dogs can sleep anywhere. Be it the tall grass, or the freshly cleaned carpet, dogs can plop down on randoms spots and just pass out. But if there’s one thing a dog likes more than the floor, is a soft, cushioned spot to rest. This is why dog beds are the best. They’re the “official” sleeping spot for dogs. They walk up to it, circle around a few times, and plop down like a sack of potatoes. Surprisingly, there are a whole bunch of different types of dog beds. If you want to know more, the WoofBarkGrowl.co.uk guide to dog beds is a great place to start. Depending on the size and the fur-type of your pup, they can get maximum comfort from different styles of beds. Lucky little fellas, huh?

There are many reasons to buy your beloved pet a dog bed, as a part of the overall care you give your dog. A dog bed can provide your furry friend with one or more of the following benefits: comfort, orthopedic support, protection, and promotion of overall health and well-being. It’s true that dogs sleep better when they have a comfy place to lie down. But buying for your dog a special bed may not always be what you think it should be. Here are some things you need to look out for when making your purchase.

  • The size, as your dog should obviously be able to lie down comfortably and still have enough space to move around while in the bed;
  • The material the bed is made of, as it needs to sustain your dog’s weight to provide enough orthopedic support;
  • The quality and durability, so it can last the wear and tear it goes through with your dog.

2. Dog Carrier Pack

Your dog wants to be by your side. That’s a given. When you go out into the world and leave them in the house, some puppies get separation anxiety and need to vent out. We come home to see pieces of important mail on the floor, ripped up shoes, scratched-up coffee tables. That’s no fun. Why not bring them with you? A pet carrier backpack in the perfect little carrying case for the smaller furballs in your life. If you can fit them in, bring them along! Why not? They’ll have an absolute blast staring at all the sights around town.

There are many reasons to buy a dog carrier pack and they include:

  • It keeps your dog safe when you’re out and about
  • It’s a comfortable way to carry your dog if they’re tired of walking
  • It enables you to bring your dog along with you on vacations and excursions.

3. A New Collar

Chances are, you need to step your collar game up. There’s a whole market full of different designs, features, themes, and you still have on the red or blue nylon with the single tag. That’s boring. Get your dog something stylish. You can even get multiple collars and match them to the occasion. Formal dinner? Bowtie collar. Birthday party? Glitter collar. There’s so much you can do to add a bit of spice to the everyday accessory.

If you’re choosing a dog collar, there are several things to consider. Your choice will have an effect on the way that you handle your pet and this is why you should choose carefully. If a collar is too loose, it can fall off easily, while a collar that is too tight can lead to choking or neck pain.

It’s important to get the right size collar for your dog so that it stays safe and comfortable. You can either measure your dog at home or visit a store, such as Ruffwear Canada, that specializes in pet clothing, for expert advice.

4. Ball Cannon

Do you like playing catch with your dog? Of course, you do. Everybody loves to play catch. But maybe you threw out your arm, or are generally not in the position to be throwing heat into the distance. A ball launcher is just what the doctor ordered. It’s essentially a spring-loaded cannon that shoots tennis balls. Even without the theoretical injuries, the tennis ball cannon sounds like a whole lot of fun.

You’ll need to purchase tennis balls to go with the cannon. Choose high-quality products that won’t shred, tear, or fall apart easily. Your dog will get a lot of happy chasing hours out of well-made tennis balls, so choose quality over quantity.

5. Action Cam Harness

What your dog deserves is its own story. This is why action camera harnesses were invented. Imagine going to the beach and throwing the frisbee around with a GoPro strapped to your dog’s back? Jumping in the air and landing in the water would get some sweet shots. That, in essence, is what the action cam was meant for, cool shots like beach frisbee.

6. Yard Fence Window

Does your dog spend a lot of time out in the backyard? Is that his or her primary spot? Well, as much as they may be comfortable in that space, it’s always fun to get a bit of exploration and observation in their life. You can install a little pet window to the outside world so that your pup can look out and keep an eye out for cats, squirrels, or anything else that decides to breach the perimeter.

7. Automatic Fountain

Sometimes a bowl of water gets gross. There’s all this gunk that builds up at the bottom, and there’s so much hair floating around. The last thing you want is your dog to get an infection or a pathogenic amoeba of some kind because of a dirty dog bowl. Instead, why not hook up a water fountain to the garden hose spout? There are a bunch of cool designs with sensors that push out a steady stream of water when your furry friend wants to get something to drink. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about giving your dog water. It’s always there.

10 Things Your Dog Totally Deserves to Get

8. Bath Stall

Unless you have a labrador, chances are getting them to take a bath is like pulling teeth. Sure, some like it, but most dogs don’t like to take baths that they didn’t plan on taking. Holding them down and keeping them in one spot is a pain. Why not get a doggie shower stall. A dog shower stall hooks up to the hose and delivers a pressurized stream of water from all sides. You can keep them in and wash them in that stall easier than any other method.

9. Life Vest

If there’s one thing that every dog deserves, it’s some adventure time. More often than not, we spend all of our time working and they spend all of their time running in circles in the yard. Dogs love the outdoors. Dogs love to explore. Why not get them out there and on to the next adventure? This is the inspiration behind the next item: the doggie life vest. Take them on the boat. Take them kayaking. Take them to the lake. Have them explore the new surroundings. Maybe they want to jump in the water but never really got around to it. A life preserver is a great way to get them used to the water without exhausting them with endless energy spent on paddling. It’s a win-win.

10. Classic Chew Hide

With all of the fancy items on the list, sometimes your dog just needs a classic piece of hide to chew on. That hard, gnawable piece of an animal is what taps into that primal part of their brain. They’ll love it. They’ll be occupied for hours. Most of all, they’ll appreciate it.

Whether it’s your dog, or a friend’s dog, finding something for them isn’t always the easiest. They usually have everything they need. But with a list like this, you’re bound to find something new and exciting for your furball friends.

Final Word

Our pets are beloved members of the family, and it’s always fun to treat them to a gift or two. The companionship of dogs is especially appreciated during difficult times, so they absolutely deserve to receive something special from the list above. Choose quality items that they’ll enjoy for years, and don’t forget to give them an extra cuddle, too!

Author: Gus Barge

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