Top 10 Tricks That Baccarat Players Need To Know

Top 10 Tricks That Baccarat Players Need To Know

While baccarat is the epitome of gambling, certain tips and tricks can give you an edge and improve your chances of winning. Read on to learn these tricks.


Understand the Basics

Baccarat is a game of chance. It doesn’t hurt, though, to study the basics. Knowing when the player or the dealer has to take a third card will help you understand how the game is likely to unfold.

Never Bet Ties

Any dedicated baccarat player will tell you that ties offer the biggest payouts in this game. There are still reasons why you should steer clear of them. The main one is that the chances of an equal finish are slim, if not impossible, to achieve. The actual bet carries a 9.5% house edge, which is quite high.

Bet the Dealer but Be Wary of the Commissions

Betting on the dealer in baccarat statistically gives you more chances of winning. But since many people bet on the dealer, casinos charge a commission to give the house an edge. To protect yourself from losing, always check the dealer’s commission. It shouldn’t be anything more than 5%.

Never Ride-on Streaks

Baccarat odds are similar to tossing a coin. You can never be sure whether heads or tails will come up. So even if a player beats the odds by winning three times in a row, it is impossible to determine whether they could win again.

Take Breaks Between Plays

If you opt to bet on a streak, make sure there’s an actual streak. Streaks end when the player or dealer loses. It is acceptable to forego bidding several games to see if the player or dealer is going to start another streak that you can bet on.

Never Change Your Strategy Mid-Game

You can play baccarat games in different ways. No matter what approach you choose, you need to be consistent. This will help you avoid betting based on your gut feelings, which is really just like guessing.

The Fewer the Better

Always opt for baccarat games with fewer decks, preferably six. Fewer decks mean fewer cards. This helps increase the odds.

Manage Your Cash

Like any other betting activity, you want to watch how you spend your money while playing baccarat. This is especially important since this game plays fast. If you aren’t careful, you may spend more money than you intended.

Minimize Risk

Baccarat players often experience short winning streaks, followed by an instant drop that can turn into significant losses. You can avert losses by playing out short games. After winning or losing a set amount, you should stop and try something else.

Quit While Still Ahead

Before you play baccarat, work out how much you want to win. If you reach that amount early in the session, stop playing. If you try to win more, you risk losing it all.

Although baccarat isn’t the most popular game in the สมัคร Gclub Casino gaming arena, it is just as adrenaline charged as slots and blackjack.

Use these baccarat tips and tricks on your next game to increase your bankroll.

Author: Gus Barge

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