Ten of the Very Best Slovenian Casinos Worth Your Money

Ten of the Very Best Slovenian Casinos Worth Your Money

Slovenian is spoken by a massive 2.5 million people worldwide and while most of them obviously live in Slovenia you will find people all over the world who speak this South Slavic language. For far too long people who spoke Slovenian had to use English language casino sites for their online casino betting fun but in recent years all that has changed. Here are ten of the very best online Slovenian casinos that are all worthy of your money…


For years now this has been one of the very best online casinos for people in Slovenia and it hosts the largest collection of casino igre in the Slovenian language that you will find anywhere online. It also has some fantastic deals that can save you a tonne of money.


While you can’t deny this sites unparalleled customer services and wide-ranging gaming options it is still just a site that is artificially translated into Slovenian and that often means things get poorly translated or even misunderstood.


If you just want to play slot games this site is well worth a look. With hundreds of the latest games, it also has a Slovenian language option, but it is AI translated. But to the site’s credit, it is easy to navigate and find the game you want.


This site has been offering online gambling in Slovenia for a long time but doesn’t have the biggest range of choices. If you just want a simple table game or a handful of slot games maybe this is the site for you.


This site doesn’t have online casino games itself, but it does have a map of all the casinos in Slovenia that are worth a play. All you have to do is click on one of these and you should find most of them have dedicated online casino sites.

Ten of the Very Best Slovenian Casinos Worth Your Money


If I’m honest I am not too sure why so many people from Slovenia use this site as it really isn’t that good and doesn’t have a dedicated Slovenian language option. But for some reason, thousands of players in the Slovenia region play here.


It might sound rude if you read it out to yourself, but it is a play on the word “love” in the Slovenia name. In short, it is a real-world and online casino, but from what I last read the real-world casino was no longer open.


While it doesn’t have the widest selection of games on offer there are some amazing sports bets to be found here. From football to the latest horse racing results, this site is a sports-betters dream, but not a slot players’ paradise.


If you just want a little bit of everything on one site 22Bet is well worth a visit. It has a few table games, some slot games and a real-time chat system for dealing with issues. You simply can’t go wrong here!


If you are happy with playing against the European block then this is the site for you. They have thousands of players from all over Europe and while there is no online chat at the table games it does have a good selection of casino games to choose from.

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