Top 10 Tips on Keeping Your Garden Healthy and Fresh

Top 10 Tips on Keeping Your Garden Healthy and Fresh
Top 10 Tips on Keeping Your Garden Healthy and Fresh

Many people have started to plant their own garden, but keeping it green and healthy all year round involves a lot of work and patience. Your plants can get a disease if not nurtured properly. With that in mind, here are ten tips that are very easy to do that can help keep your garden fresh and healthy.


1 – Learn the Basics

For you to have a good and beautiful garden, learn all the basics about gardening. It can help you avoid making the same mistakes other gardeners do that could potentially affect the health and freshness of your plants.

2 – Use a Good Soil

Plants need healthy soil. It is responsible to help build a strong and productive plant. Without it, plants may not thrive and may have a big chance of getting different kinds of diseases. Add compost to increase the nutrients in your soil. It is also a good idea to purchase a soil test kit to check the level of nutrients and pH levels in your soil.

3 – Choose the Right Plants

Before you start gardening, make sure that the plant you decided to grow is appropriate to the weather condition of your place. Make a list of plants that can adjust and grow in your area with regards to the amount of light, moisture, and dimension. This will help you decide which plant is easier to grow.

4 – Keep the Bugs Out

You need to keep bugs away from your plants. It can damage your plant and make it prone to diseases. Viruses and bacteria can only penetrate through plants if there is some sort of opening, and bugs are good at doing that. Aphids is one of the most common bugs that transport virus from one plant to another.

5 – Apply Fertilizer

Some plants need to be fertilized for them to grow. However, when using fertilizer, gently apply them to the plants. Having some kind of garden tools like a hose or a backpack sprayer can make applying fertilizer easier. Many fertilizers can damage roots, reducing the plant’s ability to absorb water. Getting your soil checked can help you get the information you need on the nutrient levels in your soil.

6 – Proper Spacing

Applying proper spacing is essential in keeping your garden healthy. Each plant has its own spacing needs. Putting them in one place all together will not keep them safe. It only allows diseases like rust and different kind of mildew to thrive. Group them based on their needs to reduce the demand for weeding and save a lot of water. Improving airflow within your plants also keeps them healthy and allows foliage to dry quickly.

7 – Proper Watering

Different plants have different watering needs. It is important not to overwater or underwater them. Many pathogens need water to grow. To avoid giving them what they need, apply a watering method like drip irrigation to limit moisture on your plant’s foliage. The best time in watering plants is usually in the morning where the sun is high.

8 – Position Them Correctly

You need to position your plant where it can get its nutrients it deserves. Keeping your garden healthy is based on how you zone them. Make sure that if your plant needs sunlight put them in a place where they can get enough light. Some plants thrive in the dark like an azalea. Plants have their own defence mechanism. If they get too stressed, it is more likely to get diseases.

9 – Remove Damaged Limbs

Removing dead limbs is very important in keeping your plant looking fresh. The plants can easily get infected via dead limbs. Trimming them once in a while makes them healthier and can help them grow better. Always use prescribed tools in gardening to make clean cuts.

10 – Pull Weeds

To keep your garden fresh and healthy, it is important to manage the weed that is surrounding your garden and pull them regularly. They are unattractive and can make your garden look bad. If you do not remove weeds, your plants will compete with the nutrients and water it requires with the weeds.

Plants are very important in our daily lives as they help us in so many ways. Gardening is something that everyone should do. It may take a chunk of your time, but following these tips is pretty easy to do and will make your garden healthy and look good.

Author: Gus Barge

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