Top 10 Unusual Rubiks Cube Gift Ideas

Ernő Rubiks cube is something I never got on with. I will be perfectly honest and tell you all that I have never, ever re-arranged a cube without taking it apart or pulling the stickers off! But I am fully aware that they are a very iconic toy and one that has inspired a lot of very cool products. So I started to wonder how many gift ideas there was based on the original Rubik’s cube, turns out there is rather a lot…


Top 10 Unusual Rubiks Cube Gift Ideas


Rubik's Cube Inspired Mug
Rubik’s Cube Inspired Mug

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If there is one gift I am always happy to get it is a new coffee mug, and this one that is inspired by that little puzzle cube they called Rubik is a very good one indeed.

Rubik's Cube Inspired Drink Coasters
Rubik’s Cube Inspired Drink Coasters

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None of us like the ring of coffee/tea left behind when someone places a cup onto the table without a coaster, so why not keep the table free from that sort of thing with these rather cool Rubix coasters! What I like is 6 cup mats = 6 cups of coffee all for me!

Rubik's Cube Inspired Speaker
Rubik’s Cube Inspired Speaker

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Fancy blasting out some tunes from the mobile? Sounds like a great idea, but those phone speakers are almost useless! That is where this Rubix cube inspired speaker comes into play. The best thing about this is that it is powered by the USB, so no batteries are required!

Rubik's Cube Inspired Tissue Box
Rubik’s Cube Inspired Tissue Box

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Those of us that are fans of the Big Bang Theory will remember this rather tissue box cover very well, so why not own something that will keep those laughs firmly in your memory and keep those tissues covered as well.

Rubik's Cube Inspired Notepad
Rubik’s Cube Inspired Notepad

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Note to self: Remember to watch you-tube videos on how to solve a Rubix cube! Well, that sounds boring, so I might just pick up one of these cool notepads and forget the note to self.

Rubik's Cube Inspired Bag Purse
Rubik’s Cube Inspired Bag Purse

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Handmade, stylish and very much inspired by a cube known only as Rubik, this handbag come purse has it all going on. I am not one for bags or purses, but I know it looks cool.

Rubik's Cube Inspired memory stick/drive
Rubik’s Cube Inspired memory stick/drive

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My own memory is not what it used to be, but I do remember feeling like I was the only one who couldn’t solve the stupid puzzle cube, and so it seems fitting that I do enjoy these USB memory sticks shaped like bits of the Rubik cube itself!

Rubik's Cube Inspired Desk Tidy
Rubik’s Cube Inspired Desk Tidy

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If like me you work in an office all day, or very much like me you like to keep your desk tidy and free from clutter and stationary this could well be the perfect gift for both of us.

Rubik's Cube Inspired Money Box
Rubik’s Cube Inspired Money Box

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Why not try and save up for a diamond encrusted Rubix cube! (Yes, they really do exist) or maybe just save up to buy some of these amazing products much like this cube inspired money box!

Rubik's Cube Inspired chest of drawers
Rubik’s Cube Inspired chest of drawers

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The pure genius of this is that it is far simpler to make than you might think! So if you have a bit of spare space in the living room, or would just love to have a go at making one of these amazing puzzle cube chest of drawers just click on the link and away you go!


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