Ten Amazing Floats Covered in Flowers at the Bloemencorso Zundert Floral Parade

One thing I love to see is a summer flower in full bloom. From a single plant to a whole field of them, they never fail to make me smile. But the flowers I am about to show you should make your jar drop. These are the flower floats of the Bloemencorso Zundert floral parade…


Top 10 Amazing Floats Covered in Flowers
Motorbike Made From Flowers

10 – Motorbike

The wheels, tyres, engine and even the rider are all made from various flowers placed on a wireframing. Each one takes months of planning and even longer in the actual build time. But I really do think they are all worth it because the end results are stunning and like nothing else I have ever seen.

Top 10 Amazing Floats Covered in Flowers
Battery Chickens Made From Flowers

9 – Battery Chickens

There can be some aspect of political statements in these floats. While most of them will be for art, or maybe just to get some smile, there are some like this one that has a message to get across.

Top 10 Amazing Floats Covered in Flowers
Flowers and humming birds Made From Flowers

8 –Flowers and Birds

With several hummingbirds and flowers made of flowers, these Bloemencorso Zundert Flower Parade floats are pure art. Some of them feature things from TV or games, but mostly they are just an expression of the artist’s mind.

Top 10 Amazing Floats Covered in Flowers
City Made From Flowers

7 – City

Not only do you get an abstract city image with this float, but you also get 3D buildings, roads and what looks like lights all made from flowers as well! This image also shows the size of them up against the crowd. These are not just big, they’re gigantic!

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Top 10 Amazing Floats Covered in Flowers
Winnie the Pooh and friends Made From Flowers

6 – Winnie the Pooh

What this image reminds me of is what incredible smells these flats must have as well. I would imagine watching the floats go by in the parade is a feast for all senses. I would love to attend one year.

Top 10 Amazing Floats Covered in Flowers
Minions Made From Flowers

5 – Minions

With your favourite minions Dave, Stuart, Steve, Carl and some others made from flowers this float could never fail to make people smile. As with this float and all the others as well, there is nothing despicable about them.

Top 10 Amazing Floats Covered in Flowers
Flamingos Made From Flowers

4 – Flamingos

From what I can see here there must be close if not more than 100 flamingos made from various flowers like ‘Grand Maitre’ Crocus to the amazing cream whites of the ‘Non-Stop White’ Begonias the sheer amount of them is mind blowing it really is, and the work that goes into them must be backbreaking.

Top 10 Amazing Floats Covered in Flowers
Giraffes Made From Flowers

3 – Giraffes

Made from what looks like ‘Non-Stop Yellow’ Begonias and maybe a few thousand yellow Berberis darwiniis thrown in as well the height of these floats is incredible. Let’s face it, even the wireframing underneath is probably worth seeing, let alone when they are all covered in flowers.

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Top 10 Amazing Floats Covered in Flowers
Purple Knight in Battle Stance Made From Flowers

2 – Knight in Battle Stance

With thousands of Globemaster Alliums and Purple Gem Dahlias this float showing a knight in full battle charge on what looks like a dragon is not only amazing but also massive! This is not just a flower float, its art of the highest talent.

Top 10 Amazing Floats Covered in Flowers
Goldfish Made From Flowers

1 – Goldfish

With a mix of Orange Begonias and ‘Coronation Gold’ Achillea this goldfish float with a slightly zoomed in the image really showcases just how many flowers there are on each float. You could be talking as many as 100,000’s rather than 10’000’s. But it is not so much the detail I admire, it is the amount of work that goes into to each float.

Author: Gus Barge

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