Top 10 Purrfect Gifts to Give Your Cat This Christmas

If you don’t want your cat to feel like they are missing out at Christmas why not get them something special, something that is just for them to enjoy. Sure, they might not say thank you in spoken words, but they will show it in their own special way…



Cat Advent Calendar
Cat Advent Calendar

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It might be a little late to start counting down the festive days now, but they will keep until next year.

Christmas Cat Box

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If your cat has his or her own special box, why not tart it up for them by covering it in festive wrapping paper!

Cat Christmas Stocking

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Filled with all sorts of little treats they will love to play with. Some cats will even stash them away in their secret hiding place!

Cat Christmas Scratch Tree

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This might be one of the only things to stop them from doing the same thing to the real one!

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Christmas Pet House

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It might look out of place for 11 months of the year, but most cats will appreciate it all year round.

Santa Hats for Cats

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Get your cat into the festive mood with a fun Santa hat! Although this cat doesn’t seem to approve at all.

Cat-Friendly Christmas Tree

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You might have to make one of these yourself, but would it be so bad to theme a tree around your cats life? I’m sure they would appreciate it.

Christmas Cat Food

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If you look around online and in supermarkets, you will soon discover some turkey flavoured goodness to give them over the Christmas period. If you have to eat all that turkey, so should they!

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Santa Hat Cat House

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Yet another cat house, this time one that Santa himself would definitely approve of.

Cats in Santa Hats Pet Mat

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Not only covered in pictures of cats in Santa hats, but also a pretty nice cat mat for them to sleep over Christmas on.

Author: Gus Barge

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