Top 10 Royal Gift Ideas for People Who Love Corgis

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed of dog was once used for cattle herding due to it’s active and intelligent nature. These days they are mostly a much-loved pet and one that even the Queen herself approves of and I am pretty sure she would also approve of these ten corgi gift ideas…



Corgi Cookie Jar
Corgi Cookie Jar

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Don’t ever show your real Corgi this as they do have a tendency to overeat anything they can get their teeth into.

Corgi Dog Statue

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Your sideboard or mantelpiece could become a shrine for all things Corgi, so why not start with one of these statues.

Corgi Money Box

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You will need to save a lot to get a real Corgi so a money box is pretty much a necessity.

3D Corgi Face T-shirt

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You would have to be barking mad to wear this, but if you love your Corgis that much this will certainly show people how you feel.

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Corgi Hip Bag

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How much stuff can you get in a Corgi’s head? It turns out that it is quite a bit with lots of hidden pockets for more private things.

Corgi Doormat

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Show the people who visit your house you really love your Corgi’s with this dog-friendly doormat.

Corgi Slippers

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I think they looked more like foxes to me, but apparently, they are indeed Corgi slippers. I bet the Queen has a pair of these somewhere in the Palace.

Squishable Corgi

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I love the fact that they have made this cuddle plush Corgi so round, just like the real dogs with their winter coats on.

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Royal Solar Corgi

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The Queen loves her Corgi’s so much she got designer Chris Collicot to make a collection piece from them. With several names to collect they are expensive, but a lovable nodding dog collection.

Cutesy Corgi Roll Pillow

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If you can’t afford to hug the real dog, why not get one of these roll pillows. Besides, it will save a fortune on pet bills if you got one of these instead!

Author: Gus Barge

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