Top 10 Weird and Wonderful Things You Can Get in Your Pocket

Is that a blanket in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me? Well, it’s both in fact and a whole blanket is just one of the craziest things I found that are pocket-friendly…



Pocket-Friendly Blanket
Pocket-Friendly Blanket

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There is nothing worse than forgetting the blanket on a picnic. But fear not, this pocket blanket might just save the day!

Pocket-Friendly Iron

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Do you like your shirt collars so straight and flat that they can cut cheese? If you do, this pocket iron will keep them power 80’s all day long.

Pocket-Friendly Printer

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You just never know when you need a printout, so carry a printer around with you wherever you go!

Pocket-Friendly Bicycle Pump

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If you don’t fancy taking a bike repair bag with you, this little pocket pump might just save the day.

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Pocket-Friendly Drone

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This little quadcopter is perfect for those who like to fly their drones in small and secret areas. Like the office store cupboard!

Pocket-Friendly Collapsible Flask

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The problem with reusable party cups is they have often been used by just about anyone. So keep it germ-free with this pocket party cup.

Pocket-Friendly Virtual Reality Headset

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Just get it out, fold it out and pop in a smartphone! You could be in VR while you wait for the bus.

Pocket-Friendly Chair

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Can you really get a chair in your pocket? Well, it’s more like a small stool, but it’s pretty impressive.

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Pocket-Friendly Fire Extinguisher

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I’m not sure how effective it would be in a real fire situation, but it impressed me!

Pocket-Friendly House

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OK, so it’s an unfurnished house, but for a concept idea this is pretty impressive and the practical uses are numerous.

Author: Gus Barge

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