Ten Amazing Ways to Enjoy Toast You Would Not Have Thought of

No matter how much I try I am not a very good cook. I have tried watching YouTube videos, reading cooking blogs and even taking lessons! But it was all to no avail and I am left wondering if I will ever be able to make anything better than a piece of toast. But, then again toast can be presented in some rather tasty ways…



Olive Oil Poached Eggs on Avocado and Braised Kale Toast
Olive Oil Poached Eggs on Avocado and Braised Kale Toast

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We start this post with something that is very healthy indeed, with Kale bread, avocado and poached eggs it is sure to start you off in the right way.

Homemade honey butter toast box with homemade wholemeal bread

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This is what is often called dessert toast and it sure is a mix up of things, but I kind of like it and would love to try it one day.

Butter Fruit on Toast

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Not only does this sound healthy, but it really is! While I do understand that a “butter fruit” is just the same as avocados in number 10 this one looks so much more!)

Baked plums on toast with mascarpone and lemon

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I have to say that this sounds a little strange for me, Baked beans?, yes. Baked Tomatoes? At a push, but baked plums?!? Well, I will not judge it bad until I have tried it.

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Traditional Welsh Rarebit

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This post wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t include this Welsh delicacy. Made with strong cheddar, Worcestershire sauce and Welsh beer (or bitter/ale) this is not just cheese on toast as everyone thinks, this is so very much more.

French Scrambled Eggs With Crimini Mushrooms on Toast

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I love a bit of scrambled egg on toast, I also love mushrooms! So, of course, this breakfast/snack meal is just about perfect for me!

Bananas Fosters Topped Overnight French Toast

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Once again, this is sort of a dessert topper for toast! With baked French toast casserole, bananas, plus fresh berries and fruit, it is not only ultra tasty but rather healthy!

French Toast Roll-Ups

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Does toast really have to be toast shaped? Well not according to Comfy Cuisine who have decided to roll their up! And dare I say with rather tasty looking results!

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Bacon, egg and toast cups

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You just knew bacon would have to be in this top 10 somewhere, and here it is in at number 2, while most of us have seen these toast cups before they still look amazing and I really, really, really want to try some!

Beans on Toast

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For me personally, there is no better thing to put on toast than the classic tin of beans, and if you can hide an egg under them all the better. There is no recipe or making guide needed for this classic meal, just warm up some baked beans and pour them all over some toast! Simple, traditional and very, very tasty indeed.

Author: Gus Barge

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