Ten Amazing Things To Make and Do With Old VHS Tapes

Today I have been having a little clean out of my “dump” draw, and I found something that at first I didn’t recognise and indeed many people reading this will have no idea what it was! But it was an old VHS tape of “Space Balls” how or why it was there is irrelevant, what I want to know is what can I do with it? I have not got a “VHS Tape Player” so maybe I need to find a new use for it…



Ten Amazing Things To Make and Do With Old VHS Tapes
VHS tape used as a door stop

10 – Lazy Design

I have to be honest and say I wish my own VHS tapes to have a more dignified life than being used as a doorstop, this would not have made my post “Top 10 Door Stops“.

VHS tape used as an external hard-drive

9 – More memory than a million videotapes!

I don’t know what I love more about this idea, maybe it is the choice of tape used, or maybe it is the idea of using an old videotape as a hard-drive case, no matter what I love more I do like the overall design.

VHS tape used as a wall clock

8 – 2 Timing

Ever wanted one of those executive twin zoned wall clocks? Well, it needs not cost the earth because luckily for us are some very creative people, with some very clever VHS uses!

VHS tape used as coffee table

7 – Coffee Cup Rings

This rather amazing coffee table made from what looks like hundreds of VHS tapes was created by Josue Ormeno and I personally think it looks rather cool and for a designer made table not that expensive at all.

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VHS tape used as Planter

6 – VHS Planter

While not the most creative use of our old video tapes you will ever see here, I still think it is worth bring just outside the top 5, great recycling and very easy to make ourselves.

VHS tape used as Pencil Case

5 – Pencil Case

Why not go all old school and get this cool vintage VHS pencil case, all you need is an old video cassette and some tools as the step by step making guide will show you the rest!

VHS tape used as Photo frame

4 – Photo frame

This idea uses the VHS tape cases rather than the tape itself, but it is still one amazing idea and very simple to do, it also doubles up as a secret hiding place!

VHS tape used as USB Hub

3 – USB Hub

If like me you can never get enough USB ports for all your gadgets, this might well be the answer, by turning an old VHS video cassette into a USB hub you are not only recycling but also solving the issue of lack of USB ports as well!

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VHS tape used as Art

2 – Art

I think the artist Sam Hensley missed a bit of a trick here, because with the same amount of VHS tapes she could have made a Space Invaders character rather than a butterfly. But who I am to say what is cool, this is still pretty awesome though.

VHS tape used as Box Shelves

1 –  Box Shelves

With nothing more than a bit of glue and maybe some wall plugs and screws you to can make these cool box effect wall shelves! What I liked about this idea is how simple it was and dare I say how cool it looks as well.

Author: Gus Barge

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