10 Indispensable Things Every Bar Lover Should Own

10 Indispensable Things Every Bar Lover Should Own

Do you love a good bar night? You’re in luck. Here’s a list of ten things every bar lover should own. It’s not just fine wine, great beer and strong liquor – it’s the luxury bar accessories that elevate your home bar night and impress your friends. So add these things to your shopping list and host the next big bar night from home!

The right drinking glasses

A true liquor connoisseur knows their glasses. White wine should under no circumstances be sipped from a red wine glass. And drinking champagne out of anything other than a flute glass is a crime. There’s science behind the design of glasses and the drink they’re supposed to hold. For example, flute glasses are tall and narrow to prevent carbonated drinks like champagne from going flat. The same applies to cocktail glasses and beer glasses; specific drinks taste best when served in their respective glasses. So select a few of your favourite drinks and see in what type of glasses they’re supposed to be served. Your guests will be impressed!

Fun Bar Stools

There are loads of unique & fun designs for bar stools out there, so you are sure to find one that will suit your decor. Just be aware that many barstools have a weight limit so you might want to check that out before anyone places their bums on them.

Luxury coasters

Luxury coasters

Why use simple beer mats when you can serve your drinks on next-level design coasters? Aside from not having to rinse off any rings from surfaces, coasters come with a sense of luxury and style. Moreover, if each coaster has a unique design, you never have to worry about who’s glass is who’s. Select a fine pair of wooden coasters or stay on theme and go with cork. Whatever coasters you choose, they’ll undoubtedly contribute to the true bar experience.

Bottle Dispenser

If your bar guests plan to drink a lot of wine you might want to invest in an automatic drinks dispenser. Many of these allow for 2, 3 or even more bottles to be dispensed at one time, so your guests can simply place their cups underneath them and get an instant refill.

An ice bucket

For any lover of on the rocks drinks, an ice bucket is definitely worth the money. Instead of running to the freezer every time you want to pour a refreshing soda, classy whiskey on the rocks or a tasteful cocktail, take a spoonful of ice from the bucket and enjoy your chilled delight. Ice buckets come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so your perfect fit is out there too!

Bar Lights

Bar Lights

You can get branded ones with advertising on them much like the classic Budweiser lights you see in sports bars, or you can get much more personalized ones with your bars name on it. No matter what one you get they are sure to brighten up any home bar and give it a touch of class and authenticity.

Shot roulette

Take your bar experience to a new level with casino themed shot games! While we all know the necessary card games that can be paired with drinking, shot roulette is taking things even further. No strategy, just you, the odds and a couple of shot glasses filled to the brim and waiting for the ball to land on their pocket. This is how you turn any regular bar night into a Las Vegas worthy event.

Barkeeper Outfits

You can go modern or retro, crazy or traditional, but these fun costumes will certainly make you look the part, especially if you plan to hose the day yourself all night. They also make good staff ware as many of them are hard wearing with several handy pockets for keeping bottle openers or cleaning rags at hand.

Cocktail set

Cocktail set

Anyone who’s able to make cocktails in one of those shaker things, using the measuring cups, pestle and other intimidating cocktail tools the right way, is bound to get some envying looks. But how cool would it be if you were to impress your friends with a delicious cocktail and the accompanying bartending moves? With a cocktail set, you’ll have the right tools to try your best at replicating some of the most iconic drinks or composing your very own signature cocktail. What will you name your drink?

Music Player

If you are hosting your own party with your own bar not having music is almost unforgivable. So make sure you have a suitable music system in place, or something even better like a home jukebox, or at the very least a laptop with a selection of songs for people to choose from.

Get ready for the true home bar experience

There’s no limit to what you can buy to create your very own bar at home. So why stop at just these 5 things? Get creative and find some lights to create the perfect ambience, install a sound system and decorate your place with those old school tin plates you always see in bars. Rest assured the next party will be hosted at your place – and any party after that!

Author: Gus Barge

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