The Top 10 Tallest Breeds of Dogs You Can Have as a Pet

The Top 10 Tallest Breeds of Dogs You Can Have as a Pet

Do you own a big dog? If you do you might understand the troubles tall dogs have esspecialy when it comes to their health. But we are not here today to look into the benefits and negative points of owning a big dog, we are only interested in their height, so the taller the better!

The Top 10 Tallest Breeds of Dogs You Can Have as a Pet


10 – Dogue De Bordeaux – Average Height: 26 in (66 cm)

Said to be one if not the oldest French dog breed it is a naturally powerful dog and was used for all sorts of things but mostly pulling small carts and other farm-hand hauling duties.

9 – Bullmastiff – Average Height: 27 in (68.6 cm)

When you learn that this breed comes from the same bloodline as the Old English Bulldog it is easier to see the strong front legs and masculine physic it as which does sadly mean it is often used in dogfighting.

8 – Bernese Mountain Dog – Average Height: 27 in (69 cm)

This general farm dog was originally used as a draft-animal which meant it was used to pull small good carts to and from the markets or between fields.

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard

7 – Saint Bernard – Average Height: 27.5 in (69.9 cm)

Often captured on camera with a barrel of booze under their heads like Bernie Winters Schnorbitz this dog is mostly used in mountain rescue and the breed has saved almost countless lives esspecialy after avalanches.



6 – Newfoundland – Average Height: 28 in (71.1 cm)

While these dogs are known to come in a range of colours it is only black or Landseer that are considered official Canadian breeds. These dogs are often used in water rescue thanks to their strong swimming physic.

5 – Neapolitan Mastiff – Average Height: 31 in (78.7 cm)

If you need something protected the Neapolitan Mastiff is the dog you need. Extremely territorial it is a dog that rarely barks, but will attack intruders till its last breath!



4 – Leonberger – Average Height: 31.5 in (80 cm)

Named after the city of Leonberg in Germany this dog is often called a Lion dog thanks to its large Lions style mane which gives them a regal look.

3 – Great Pyrenees – Average Height: 32 in (81.3 cm)

While it might look like a cute and fluffy dog it is loved for its naturally nocturnal and aggressive (protective) personality and is often used to guard sheep and other livestock.

2 – Irish Wolfhound – Average Height: 34 in (86.4 cm)

The Irish Wolfhound gets its name because it was bred to hunt wolves! Thanks to their formidable size a wild wolf wasn’t too much of a problem. These days, of course, they are a much tamer breed of dog and much loved for their playful personality.

1 – Great Dane – Average Height: 44 in (112 cm)

Not only a very tall breed of dog, but also the breed of the worlds tallest dog called Zeus. At 111.8 cm (44.0 in) he was a lot taller than your average Great Dane, but even the average is a pretty tall dog!

Which one did you like?

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