Ten Jokes About Poker That Poker Players Will Love
While poker is more of a serious game it can still be a good laugh, especially when played with friends. These ten jokes are perfect for that kind of poker night and they are sure to raise a smile even if your hand is too weak to raise… theverybesttop10.com
Ten Pictures of Dogs Given a Cartoon Makeover
Sometimes you come across something so strange that you have to dig a little deeper to discover what it is. Well at first it might look like this person has actually painted on his dog, but don’t worry. These are just printing out pictures of dogs that this very talented artist has then painted on. In fact, if you have …
Ten Fun Things Balanced on Rabbits Heads to Amaze Any Bunny Owner
The other week we saw lots of very strange things going on in my post “Top 10 Things Balanced on Dogs Head“, but I have since discovered that dogs are not the only pet that will stay still long enough to be able to balance something on their heads, rabbits are more than happy to do it as well. And to …
Ten Pictures of Amazing Miniature Living Worlds by Takanori Aiba
The Japanese artist Takanori Aiba takes miniature art to a new level with his amazing miniature living worlds! With incredible, intricate details, and even real working street lights and house lights, these are far beyond anything you would have ever seen before. So join me as we take a look at… theverybesttop10.com
Ten Pictures of Everyday Objects Turned Into Amazing Art
I have always envied artists. They just seem to be able to look at something like a brick wall or blank canvas and imagine something beautiful! The artist behind today’s post to takes that wonderful creativity and imagines amazing things from everyday objects! His name is Victor Nunes and his creativity knows no bounds…   theverybesttop10.com
Ten Pictures of Dogs Dressed as Lawyers Who Will Sue You for Bones!
Listed below are ten of the top legal blunders made by either lawyers or witnesses during US court trials. The following are real extracts taken from official court records. I solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. But maybe also something incredibly stupid…. theverybesttop10.com
Ten Pictures of Animals Getting Married in the Traditional Way
Some people treat their pets like they are their human children. I always remember my dad calling these type of people DINKS (Dual Income, No Kids) but that is not politically correct, nowadays these people are just eccentric, playful, slightly odd. But the art of pet marriage still goes on! Yes, people really do marry their pets to other people’s …
Ten Pictures of Cats in Elf Costumes That Will Make You Smile
When we took a look at “The Best Images of Dogs in elf Costumes” Earlier this week it seems some dogs were not happy wearing their costumes. But what about cats? Surely they love Christmas time even if they are only looking forward to attacking the Christmas tree! So I thought I would even the dog to cat ratio out …
Ten Grumpy Animals Who You Wouldn’t Want to Make Angry
My dog is a very grumpy dog. When it rains he is grumpy, when it is hot, he is grumpy and when I stop playing ball with him he once again gets grumpy. Much like the grumpy cat, I think most animals have a good life and don’t really have a lot to be grumpy about. But that doesn’t seem …
Ten Great Photos of Ocala Painted Horses Any Artist Will Love
Sometimes it is not so much ‘what?’ inspires me to make a post but more ‘Who?’ and this post is in dedication to kayuk who showed me the wonder of a rather amazing community art project called “Horse Fever” in Ocala, Florida so I have decided to bring you the very best of them… theverybesttop10.com
Ten Jail-bird Cats Behind Bars Who Probably Did Something Bad
Some cats are cute, happy, lovable creatures that enjoy nothing more than a bit of human contact. But here are some cats that are definitely not people pets. Some scratch, some hiss and some even bite!!! It there was a prison for these cat’s they would be in it, they would be known as… theverybesttop10.com
Ten Photos Showing the Height of Laziness Us Humans Can Achieve
We can all be a little lazy now and again because sometimes it is nice to be so. There is nothing quite like a lazy Sunday lay in to make you feel you are winning in life. But this post is all about the people who have gone too far, have been far too relaxed and complacent, these people need …
Ten Celebrity Chef Cats Cooking for the Whole Family
I love animals I really do, but I wish they would do a little more to help around the house. Maybe they could do some cooking or cleaning once in a while! Well, it seems cats might not be willing to clean (unless it is themselves)  but they might be willing to cook! So without further ado I bring you… …
Ten Crazy, Weird and Wonderful Things That Look Like Ducks
Have you ever seen anything that looks like something else? A cloud that looks like an animal or maybe a puddle that looks like a country!? Well, this post is all about “look-a-likes” and it features various things that look strangely just like ducks… theverybesttop10.com
Ten Claw-snapping Funny Dogs Dressed as Lobsters
Sometimes I will make these top 10’s by things that have inspired me throughout the day, sometimes I make a top 10 because I find an amazing image and sometimes I make them because other people’s blogs and social media posts inspired me. This top 10 is not any of those, it is made because I thought it might make …