Ten of the Strangest Grow Your Own Gift Ideas You Will Ever See

While normal gift ideas are always worth a smile it is the more unusual, the strangest of gift ideas that really get the big laughs. And let me tell you, you will not find anything stranger than these ten Grow Your Own gift ideas for those with green fingers. These are gifts that only a really good friend would give you and they would always have a better gift to back it up. So let us get growing some of these weird things…

Grow Your Own Hairy Beaver Gift Idea
Grow Your Own Hairy Beaver Gift Idea

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If you are struggling to grow your own hairy beaver you might want to get one of these so you can get a head start! Just remember to look after your ‘grow your own’ beaver and give it a good trim now and again.

Grow Your Own D1ck Gift Idea

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Have you ever wanted to grow your own flaccid plant? If you have this might be the one for you. Just remember that talking close to plants do help them grow much bigger! Even stroking their leaves helps!

Grow Your Own Unicorn Gift Idea

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You don’t need to belive in magic, you can simply watch it grow right before your eyes! Just add a little water and watch your horned horse grow from a baby to…well…it kind of stays a baby unicorn, but it’s still magical!

Grow Your Own Money Gift Idea

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This is one of those gifts you really should buy for yourself before the festive period, but if you have all the money you need maybe give it to someone less fortunate. They say money plants bring you luck with money and now you can grow your own!

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Grow Your Own Bunch Of Flowers Gift Idea

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There is nothing worse than wrapping a bunch of flowers for Christmas only for them to be half-dead and rotting away by the time Christmas day comes around! But this way the flowers not only stay fresh but also grow year after year!

Grow Your Own Manchester United Football Pitch Gift Idea

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The good news is there are many other football teams mini-pitches available so you should be able to find one with your favourite team on it. Then, once grow you can relive your favourite matches in miniature!

Grow Your Own Palm Tree Gift Idea

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Is your desk or office looking a little…drab? Why not grow your own palm tree and turn it into a desert island! Simply chuck a load of sand around this gift and pretend that you run away to get away from it all.

Grow Your Own Message Bean Gift Idea

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You can now grow your own love or happiness with one of these magical message beans. It’s more of a metaphorical thing, but it could put a smile on someone’s face.

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Grow Your Own Enchanted Fairy Garden Gift Idea

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If you believe in fairies you can now entice them into your home by growing a magical, enchanted fairy garden for them to live in. Just add water and a little bit of make-believe.

Grow Your Own Rainbow Veg Gift Idea

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Have you ever wished vegetables were a little more…colourful? Well, now they can be provided you grow your own rainbow vegies! You can grow purple carrots, stripy tomatoes, red Brussels and yellow courgette to make Sunday dinner much more special.

Author: Gus Barge

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