Ten Gift Ideas for the Different Guys in Your Life

If you have at least one special guy in your life — be it your dad, brother, uncle, boyfriend or BFF — you probably have at least a few occasions during the year when you wonder what you should buy him for the next gift-giving holiday.

While there is a rumour that some men can be easy to shop for, you have yet to meet him. You love the wonderful guys in your life and you want to get them something nice, but it can be challenging to find them something you know they’ll love for their birthday or other special days.

One way to make shopping for him easier is to consider his personality type or one of his major interests or hobbies. For example, the following ideas may make gift shopping easier for your special man and his unique personality.


Gift Ideas For The Dapper Dude

The Dapper Dude

If you are looking for a gift for a guy who is always well dressed and is an all-around dapper gentleman, you can’t go wrong with a vape kit. For example, the myblu Starter Kit comes with a myblu pod system vape that is super quick to recharge. Its compact design is especially stylish, and their 1-click liquidpods will let him switch flavours in seconds. Or if you want something a little easier to use you can always try high-quality disposable vapes like the ones for sale on Lava Plus vape. These are simple to use and perfect for nights out or those with busy lives. Speaking of which, if the budget allows it, you might also spring for a few extra disposable vapes so the special man in your life can experiment with different flavours to see which ones he likes the best.

Gift Ideas For The Kid at Heart

The Kid at Heart

If your BFF gets excited when you walk past a toy store and wants to go in and see the latest games and action figures, he is sure to love a toy that has a grownup twist to it. For example, LEGO offers a wide range of building sets that are not just for kids; if you and your male BFF binge-watched “Stranger Things” on Netflix and can’t wait for the next season to come out, you could treat him to The Upside Down LEGO set that is a model of the real world and The Upside Down. The set is pretty big at over 2,200 pieces and features most of the main characters in mini-figure form — including Eleven with an Eggo waffle. Maybe you can re-watch some of the episodes together as you help him construct the set?

Gift Ideas For The Man Who Adores Music

The Man Who Adores Music

If the wonderful man in your life loves music and is especially fond of guitars, you might feel like you have already bought him a ton of CDs and vinyl records. For the next holiday, you can change the musical angle a bit and present him with a Guitar Pop Chart poster, which is an educational look at 64 distinctive guitars from history. If you like, you can either buy a DIY frame for the poster, or have it custom framed at an arts and crafts store. Or you could pair the poster with a personalized guitar pick from Zazzle; if it’s for your sweetie, you could go with one that says “Couldn’t pick a better boyfriend.”

Gift Ideas For The Feminine Man

The Feminine Man

He doesn’t have to be part of the LGBT community, it could just be someone who looks after themselves or knows which skin tones to go for. These types of men love pamper days and anything from a spa day to a luxury massage will do them just fine.

Gift Ideas For The Workaholic

The Workaholic

Is one of the men in your life always working? Then who not get them something nice to say how much you appreciate all that hard work that they do. A worker of the year coffee mug or a t-shirt that says “hardest worker ever” on it. just a little something to tell them they are appreciated it fine.

Gift Ideas For The Old Guy

The Old Guy

It could be a grampa or a great grandpa! If they come from a generation who valued everything the gift if plants are often something they appreciate. It represents a gift, but also that you want them to stick around for a long time to look after it.

Gift Ideas For The BFF


What on earth do you get your BFF as a gift? You give them the gift of friendship! Maybe a friendship bracelet, necklace or even better something like a day out that you can do together, or even cinema tickets (X2) to their favourite movie.

Gift Ideas For The Sports Star

The Sports Star

If they love a particular sport, or they are a real-life sports star you can always go for something that looks luxurious but doesn’t cost a lot, like a watch, or maybe some cufflinks. These small gifts can be a way to tell them they are appreciated or loved.

Gift Ideas For The Guy You Want To Know Better

The Guy You Want To Know Better

There might be a man in your life that is not currently part of your life, but you sure wish they were. Maybe try getting them the gift of food in the form of dining vouchers, or possible a nice meal out to show them they are appreciated (and secretly loved!).

Gift Ideas For The Servicemen

The Servicemen

From cleaners, to lift operators, milkmen and binmen, just a small gift to show they are appreciated is always welcomed and often unexpected making even the smallest of gifts even better and bigger.

Enjoy Shopping for Your Special Man

Shopping for guys doesn’t have to be a stressful experience or one that will require numerous trips to the mall. By focusing more on his overall personality and/or hobbies, you should be able to find him something that he will genuinely love — almost as much as he adores you.

Author: Gus Barge

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