Top 10 Best Smartphones for Mobile VR Headsets

So you got a smartphone powered mobile VR headset for Christmas, but your phone just isn’t up to scratch to use it. Maybe it is time to get an upgrade and maybe you will want to pick one of these ten phones, because when it comes to a good mobile VR experience, these are the best smartphones money can buy…


Alcatel OneTouch Idol 4
Alcatel OneTouch Idol 4

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It was the first smartphone to come with a VR headset that was also the smartphones protective case, but sadly it was rubbish (the headset). The good news is the phone is very good, very powerful and still truly affordable.

HTC 10

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Not the biggest phone in this list, but one that is very affordable and yet still comes with all the power you need to play pretty much any mobile VR app or game.


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While the LG 360 Virtual Reality Headset is not the best in the world, it is still pretty neat and if you want to run it you will need an LG G5 to power it.

Google Nexus 6P

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If you can afford a Google Pixel, this smartphone really is pretty much the next best thing. It has all the power you need to run every Google Cardboard app you can name.

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OnePlus 3

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Not only is the OnePlus 3 a great headset, but if you shop around you will also get a free Loop VR headset to use with it!

Vivo Xplay 3S

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While not the most amazing phone you can buy, it’s 2K screen really gives this phone the edge when placed in a mobile VR headset, almost no screen door effect from this amazing display!

iPhone 6S Plus

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Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone SE is a much better phone, but it is not as good as this one when it comes to popping it into a mobile VR headset! Trust me, you will deeply appreciate that larger screen.

Samsung Galaxy S6

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They’re about 5 times cheaper than our number 2 phone and yet they can still handle all the Gear VR games and Google Cardboard games you can throw at it. Old yeah, but still incredibly powerful.

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Samsung Galaxy Edge 7

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Forget the normal Samsung Galaxy 7 or the Tab versions, get this one and know you are safe for the future ahead and it will handle anything the Gear VR headsets can throw at it.

Google Pixel

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Make no mistake about it, this is the world’s most powerful smartphone and it is also one of the few phones in the world powerful enough to handle the Google Daydream software and headsets. It’s not just the Google Daydream stuff it works with, it can also handle pretty much every Google Cardboard game as well If you are serious about getting a smartphone just for the VR experience, this is the one you want.

Author: Gus Barge

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