Top 10 Sports Team in Colorado

Top 10 Sports Team in Colorado

Denver is a mecca for professional sports due to its many world-class facilities. Not only does it have numerous college-level teams, but the state also boasts an impressive number of top-tier pro franchises and other sporting events. With each passing season, Denver holds thrilling athletic competitions that captivate spectators from all walks of life!

Indeed, whenever they could want, professional baseball, basketball, football, hockey, lacrosse, rugby, and soccer games are available for sports lovers to watch. All the sporting events hosted in the City make it easier for bettors to place their bets, especially since the legalization of online sports betting in Denver in 2020. Alongside other incentives, bettors are provided with free bet offers when they utilize trusted sites to place their wagers.

Which are the Top 10 Sports teams in Colorado?

Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos’ Mile High home ground, the colossal Broncos Stadium at Mile High, is where locals take immense pride in supporting their beloved team. On game days the entire city resonates with a special energy characterized by blue and white-clad fans cheering on their heroes. Over time this passion has been rewarded as they witnessed remarkable victories in 1998, 1999, and 2015 when they ultimately won Super Bowl championships!

Denver Nuggets

Basketball fans seeking to witness a show of talent should look no further than the Denver Nuggets. Drawing on their unmatched talent, they take the court at Ball Arena in downtown Denver and make it their own with young stars like Nikola Jokic. At 7 feet tall yet still possessing the incredible passing ability and tactical playmaking, he has earned his place as one of the best centers in franchise history! It’s no wonder why this squad is among the most exciting teams for spectators to experience – you don’t want to miss out!

Colorado Rapids

Soccer supporters regularly display a great deal of enthusiasm for the Colorado Rapids, an intimidating professional soccer team from Commerce City’s Dick’s Sporting Goods Park. With their formidable roster, the Rapids are serious contenders each season and have proven to be competition-ready every year.

Colorado Avalanche

Hockey fanatics can get their entertainment fix in Denver! The Colorado Avalanche, nicknamed “Avs” by fans, bring undeniable talent and fun to the table. They take residence at Ball Arena alongside the Mammoth and Nuggets teams. Though they only arrived in Denver back in 1995 after relocating from Quebec, Avs supporters have proven themselves dedicated followers of their team – many games sell out as a result of all that enthusiasm exuded during home matches. If you’ve yet to attend an NHL game here in Colorado, prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience with spirited crowds cheering on the beloved Avs!

Colorado Rockies

The Major League Baseball team that Denver loves the most is the Colorado Rockies. They joined Major League Baseball as an expansion team in 1993, making them a similarly young team like the Avalanche. Their home games are held at Denver’s renowned Coors Field stadium. This location combines cutting-edge technology with a vintage atmosphere. For sports enthusiasts who want to take in the excitement at the Rockies’ home field, it’s a tremendously fun experience.

Colorado Mammoth

Although lacrosse is not as widely recognized as some of the other sports, the Colorado Mammoth is helping the sport quickly gain ground in the Mile High City. The National Lacrosse League’s Mammoth play their home matches in the Ball Arena and draw crowds that are easily comparable to those of the Nuggets and Avs. The games are intense and action-packed. The Ball Arena excels at putting on entertaining performances.

Denver Barbarians RFC

Although rugby is more frequently associated with the UK, Denver has had a professional (“Super League”) rugby club for more than 50 years. The highest level of rugby competition in the country is played between the Denver Barbarians (also known as the Barbos) and 15 other club teams from across the country.

American Raptors

The American Raptors is a rugby team made up of athletes that switched from other sports like football, baseball, and soccer. These athletes, however, are not just any athletes. They participated in the highest levels of competition in their respective sports.

Colorado Summit

An AUDL West Division squad called The Colorado Summit plays professional ultimate frisbee.

Colorado Rapids 2

The Colorado Rapids 2 are a recent addition to the sports landscape in Denver. They play in the MLS Next Pro league. It serves as the main club’s backup team and is owned by the Colorado Rapids.


The state of Denver not only boasts beautiful arenas and views but also possesses a variety of top sports teams that are hugely popular with fans from the state as well as across the US and internationally.

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