The top 10 Biggest Online Slots Jackpot Wins

The top 10 Biggest Online Slots Jackpot Wins

Online slots are one of the most popular forms of gambling, and while there’s always the possibility of striking it rich with a lucky spin, some players have been truly fortunate, winning jackpots worth millions of dollars.

Here are 10 of the biggest online slots jackpots ever won in no particular order. Who knows, maybe you’ll be next if only you play slots online!

Rampart Casino, Las Vegas – $14.3 Million

A lucky player at Las Vegas’ Rampart Casino found fortune in December 2013, when they hit a jaw-dropping $14.3 million Megabucks jackpot with an initial investment of only $20!
The winner graciously gave much of the winnings to charity and chose to remain anonymous.

Mega Moolah, Online – £13.2 Million

In 2013, a stroke of luck changed the life of one British soldier forever. Jon Hayward from Crewe was playing Mega Moolah slots at Betway when he hit an unbelievable £13.2 million ($ 20.8 million) online jackpot – all for just 25p!

It remains one of the largest slot payouts in history and has yet to be eclipsed by another winner since then!

M Resort, Henderson – $17.3 Million

A woman from Las Vegas proved that it’s worth your while to use those free credits! After visiting the M Resort in Henderson, she decided to give their Megabucks machine a spin with her complimentary vouchers. The result? A $17.3 million win – one of the biggest slot machine successes ever recorded!, Online – €17.8 Million

A 25¢ spin of the reels changed one lucky Finnish player’s life in 2013. From that initial investment, they managed to hit it big when playing Mega Fortune – a mega-popular progressive slot from NetEnt.

The jackpot prize was an unbelievable €17.8 million (around $23.6 million at today’s rate). And this win happened on PAF–an online gaming website specializing in slots and other games like poker! Talk about luck.

Cannery Casino & Hotel, Las Vegas – $21.1 Million

Elmer Sherwin made lottery history in 2005 when he won an incredible $21.1 million at the Cannery Casino & Hotel, having already been a past winner of the Megabucks slot in 1989, with his first win amounting to $4.6 million! Talk about luck in any form of betting – this man has had some serious fortune on his side.

Caesars Palace, Las Vegas – $21.3 Million

Caesars Palace is renowned for its opulence, but it’s famed in the gambling world as well. After all, this was where one lucky player hit a life-changing jackpot back in 1999.

The winner – an anonymous 49-year-old from Illinois – wagered just $10 on the Megabucks slot machine and won a whopping $21.3 million!

Bally’s, Las Vegas – $22.6 Million

In May 2002, pensioner Johanna Heundl showed that age is no barrier when it comes to big wins. With just $170 down the Megabucks machine at Bally’s Casino, this remarkable 74-year-old scored a life-changing jackpot before she even had breakfast!

The Palace Station Casino, Las Vegas – $27.6 Million

An unsuspecting retiree made the gamble of a lifetime at Palace Station Casino in 1998, wagering three times her original budget and ending up receiving an unbelievable return on investment. She beat all odds playing Megabucks machine to reel in a whopping $27.6 million jackpot!

Desert Inn, Las Vegas – $35 Million

Cynthia Jay Brennan’s big win came at the Desert Inn in Wynn Las Vegas, where she won a staggering $35 million jackpot playing Megabucks.

Sadly, only months after her triumphant victory, she was involved in an unfortunate accident that left her paralyzed -a devastating outcome to what should have been remembered as one of life’s most victorious moments.

Excalibur Casino, Las Vegas – $39.7 Million

A Las Vegas slots player will never forget the day they made history at Excalibur Casino. In 2003, with just 100 dollars in their pocket and a dream of big winnings, this brave soul stepped forward to take on Megabucks – one of the most renowned slot machines ever created.

Little did anyone know that it would lead to an extraordinary windfall! After spinning for what felt like an eternity, some luck shone through as 39 MILLION DOLLARS lay waiting for them – still standing today as THE LARGEST SLOT JACKPOT OF ALL TIME!

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