Top 10 Slot Machines to Play Online

Online casinos are the best thing that could happen to those with a weakness for blackjack or slot machine. With the launch of the All Jackpots and its likes, a massive variety of gaming options and bonuses came within reach – and even more of them with the launch of the All Jackpots Mobile. But we all know that it’s not the bonuses that make All Jackpots the best casino online but its game library. And it has quite a few of these – the All Jackpots has more than 700 titles to choose from. Today, we try to do the impossible, and rank the 10 best games it has in its collection…



Avalon Online Slot Game
Avalon Online Slot Game

10 – Avalon

A game that takes its players back in the time of England’s legendary King Arthur, featuring characters like Guinevere, Lancelot, the Lady of the Lake, and Excalibur. Its visuals might be a bit dated (it’s a release that’s years old) but it has an atmosphere that is hard to match.

Jungle Jim: El Dorado Online Slot Game

9 – Jungle Jim: El Dorado

A colorful, action-packed slot machine with not much of a story but a great setting: the lush green jungle of the Amazon. Jim, a seeming freelancer archaeologist not entirely different from the famous movie character with a hat and a whip, takes on a journey to discover the hidden treasures of the South American jungle – namely, the mysterious golden city of El Dorado.

Castle Builder Online Slot Game

8 – Castle Builder

While most other slot machines focus on gathering coins, in this one the player gathers building materials needed to build a castle – hence its title. When all the materials needed to finish a project are completed, a princess moves in, the suitor comes, and the player gets a hefty bonus as a reward.

Shoot! Online Slot Game

7 – Shoot!

A tribute to the golden age of football – and one of the longest-running football-themed magazines in the UK. The game’s reels are filled with the likenesses of legendary players like Pelé, Beckenbauer, and Best, among others. Its bonus game resembles the sticker-collecting appendix of the magazine – a walk down memory lane for many players, for sure.

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Superwilds Online Slot Game

6 – Superwilds

Superheroes are everywhere today – so why not on the reels of a slot machine? Superwilds is a game that has quite a lot of them, disguised as bonus features like free spins (the Spin Twins), double and triple wins (the Doubler and Tripler), and expanding wilds (Expandoman). Saving the world has never been this much fun.

Thunderstruck II Online Slot Game

5 – Thunderstruck II

Inspired by the Norse mythology (not the comic book hero turned movie franchise!), Thunderstruck and Thunderstruck II feature characters like Odin, Thor, Loki, the Valkyries, along with other elements like the Bifrost and Mjolnir. A fun take on the most popular deities of the Germanic culture.

Jurassic Park Online Slot Game

4 – Jurassic Park

Every story is more awesome when dinosaurs are involved. In the Jurassic Park slot machine, they are not only involved – they are the protagonists. The game’s reels are filled with the familiar faces and the even more familiar reptiles from the 1993 blockbuster, including the short-armed and long-toothed monster we know as the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The “Sports Star” series Online Slot Game

3 – The “Sports Star” series

Four games built on the same attractive mechanic, each one representing a different popular sport: football, basketball, rugby, and cricket. The game has nice, cartoonish graphics, atmospheric visuals, and a series of big wins for its players.

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Wild Orient Online Slot Game

2 – Wild Orient

A beautiful slot machine with a lush green background featuring some of the most amazing animals of the Asian jungle – tigers, cranes, and even monkeys – on its reels. A relaxing game with some great features and opportunities to win.

Castle Builder II Online Slot Game

1 – Castle Builder II

A sequel to the above-mentioned Castle Builder slot machine, once again focusing on building castles rather than collecting coins. This time, in turn, the number of castles to build increases, and so does the number of kingdoms to explore. Players can gather experience points, unlock kingdoms and achievements, and win hefty bonuses while building castles across the land.

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