10 Things to Know Before you Start Horse Race Betting

10 Things to Know Before you Start Horse Race Betting
Knowledge is power and that’s true even for horse race betting. People that know how to analyze events and predict races correctly win money. And those with little knowledge on how betting works lose.

Fortunately, knowledge can be learned. Were it not the case, no one would bet on the sport of kings. So, what do you need to know to win at horse race betting?


1—Leave your Emotions Out of It

Horse racing is a thrilling sport. It creates a wonderful experience, whether you’re on a date or taking your family out to have fun. The tracks are usually full with enthusiastic fans watching their favourite thoroughbreds win. And they can give you lots of reasons to back one horse over another.

But get this—betting and emotions don’t go hand in hand. Sports betting works best if you analyze games based on facts and statistics. Otherwise, backing your favourite horses only leads to losses.

2—The Favorite Horse Wins Often

When you think about it, there’s a favourite horse in nearly every event. And it doesn’t become the favourite because of how it looks. Stallions become favourites because they have won before or they have shown the potential to win.

Against that backdrop, don’t discount other horses in a race. Just because a horse is a favourite doesn’t mean it will win always. As such, take time to analyze facts and stats before you place your money on a specific horse.

3—Choose Reliable Mobile Apps

If you’re like many people in the UK, you spend up to 24 hours every week on your mobile device. In that case, you need a reliable app to bet on horse racing. By reliable, we mean an app that provides quality odds, sweet bonuses, fast payouts and great customer service.

Of course, you want an app that functions smoothly all the time. A great example is the Ladbrokes app. Read the review at horseracingbetting.co.uk to find out why it’s so popular with punters. Spoiler alert: It’s dependable no matter what you look for in betting apps.

4—Research Extensively

As we mentioned earlier, the secret for winning horse race betting is to research extensively. For example, find out the history of each horse in a race track, its trainer, jockey and form. It’s always best to narrow down your betting markets.

Precisely, focus on one or two bet types. For example, you can specialize in predicting race winners or the first two horses. That way, you’ll have a lot of time to get all the information you need to make correct predictions.

5—Betting Costs Money

Although the objective of betting is to win money, you can’t profit a lot if you rely on bonuses alone. It also doesn’t help to minimize your wagers. If you want to succeed, create a budget with enough money to account for the times you’ll lose.

If you want to bet with minimal amounts, stick to singles and doubles. Then look for horses with decent odds and high chances of winning. The goal is to win as much money from every bet.

6—Consider Horse Track Record

In horse racing, even little things like a horse’s turf versus dirt record matters. Also, you want to check a thoroughbred’s record on dry compare to wet tracks. These are important things because most horses perform differently based on where they’re racing.

For example, many horses in the UK and Europe perform well on turf courses. But when shipped to race on American tough tracks, they struggle. The vice versa is also true. Most horses in North America aren’t good in soft turfs.

7—Look into Current Form and Layoffs

Another horse race betting tip is to favour in-form horses over out of form stallions. It sounds like common sense. But it can be confusing when you have two competitors: One that won a few months ago versus a more recent champion.

In other words, avoid horses laid off for two or more months. They might have won an event a couple of months ago. But their extended break will usually affect their performances. Likewise, look at the jockey’s form. Logically, choose horses manned by jockeys in great current forms.

8—Learn More about Trainers

Some trainers have impressive winning records at major events. So, it makes sense to pay attention to their horses. Of course, research about trainers while also considering their specialities.

If you want to bet on a long-distance event, learn about trainers that do well in these events. If they have a horse in great form, and an excellent record, consider betting on it. Crucially, also look at the factors that favour certain trainers.

Maybe they succeed at short distances races don on dirty tracks. Or they have an admirable record on soft, rainy turfs. If all these factors align, then there’s a great chance the trainers’ horses might win again.

9—Look at the Potential Profits

As we mentioned earlier, the objective of betting on horse racing is to win money: Lots of it. And one way to ensure you maximize your profits is to look at the odds of each bet type before you place it.

For new bettors, wager on the favourite horse even if its odds are poor. You might only win 10%. But that’s a good start. With time, you can then look for events with lucrative odds. And since you’ll have learned how to win consistently, you’ll be more risk-averse.

10—Beware of Tipsters

Should you buy horse race betting tips? Maybe, but don’t spend too much on them. Beware of tip sheets sold by betting companies. Some of them could be objective. But you don’t really want to take betting advice from the people that make money when you lose.

Instead, focus on your own research. And if you have to buy cheat sheets, buy from proven winners. Look at their records. And if they win consistently, then consider spending your money.

Author: Gus Barge

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